Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute Colorful Liquid Eyeliners: Wet n Wild and Prestige

From the dirt cheap line Wet n Wild.

As I mentioned a week ago in that working blusher brush post, this line impressed me quite a bit for the past two months. In my opinion the quality of the Wet n Wild cosmetics is definitely a lot better than that of other drugstore line like Covergirl and Maybeline, the price tag is more pleasing to the eyes as well that the most expensive items you are going to bump into would be 5 dollars, while most of the goodies are under 3 bucks.

The liquid eyeliners are some of my favorites (Actually I like everything I got: The nail color, lip gloss and a blusher, will talk about them later.) Most eyeliner cakes on my lids (or doesn't go on at all) but the Wet n Wild liners are a little bit runny so that it's easy to control, but the colors are vibrant and intense enough to make a statement, or just make your eyes pop.

From left to right: Turquoise (looks teal/green to me) , Blue (I would call it turquoise), prune (eggplant), brown( shimmery caramel) , and dark brown(the dark paint) .

The teal shade is probably my favorite, very vibrant and rich with tiny shimmer. The purple one is very pretty as well. The most natural looking for me is the one in light brown, while the one in darker brown, works more like a typical thick-in-texture liquid liner,that it tends to cake a bit.

Little eye swatch here with my two favorite shades. The picture is a bit psycho I know...
Prestige liquid eyeliner in Legend, Big Teal, Pop Star (It goes on like a white-out, beware!) and Envy.

Another Makeup Alley star, the colors are quirkier and the formula is creamier, it's still easy to work with and since what's shown on the tube is what you will be getting, I haven't bother with a swatch.


  1. i have seen these! I've heard prestige pencil liners are great...haven't tried this liquid yet!

  2. These look nice. I've seen them around, but I have never tried them yet. But I think I'll do it soon.

  3. Hey Nikki:

    Prestige liquid liner is indeed quite decent for the price $5.50 a piece if I remember it correctly, while I haven't really tried the pencil from the brand yet. (all the pencil I tried won't go on)the liquid one is fairly easy to work with and gives a smooth line. But over all, I prefer wet n wild since the applicator is a lot softer and it's very easy to draw a fine line with it or achieve a more dramatic look with a few more strokes.

    and to Gio:

    I think that for 2-3 dollars a pieces, the wet n wild liner are definitely worth trying. As for the prestige one, get one unless you really want a certain shade (I was looking for that perfect teal like Anna Sui 200 in the metallic eye color, but I wasn't going to spend 18 dollars knowing that it will cake after a few months.) In my opinion 5 dollars (even 1 dollar) for any piece of cosmetic that you are not using is expensive.

    And for your information, I did put some effort to present the item in a pretty fashion, which doesn't really have anything do do with whether the item is nice in quality or it's just another drugstore junk: Is that that I regard them as little pieces of treasure and I collect them the same way as kid collect little marble.

    I ensure you that you won't see any haul post since I am not good at making a pile of goodies fresh out of bag, look as if they are special little toys I have.

    As for trying out something just because some blogger suggested it, it works sometime, but some other time it doesn't. For the heck of the three dollars, I think the light metallic caramel one from Wet n wild will look good with your green eyes.


  4. Citrine, I know trying something just because a blogger suggests it doesn't always work, but to be honest with you I never thought much of wet n wild. But from what you said they seem ok and since they are so cheap I thought I'd give them a try. I'm always looking for a good cheap liner, as I don't wear it often and therefore don't want to spend a lot of money on them.
    And thanks for the suggestion othe caramel one


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