Sunday, July 06, 2008

30 something dollars face wash...I must be crazy

Well, I am not. It just seems that the clean & clear oil-free face wash that I have been using since 14 (of course, I jumped around to other lines) doesn't cleanse as well as I want to, and it seems to leave a film on my face afterward. Burt's Bees complexion soap cleanse well but it hurts the heck out of me when it gets into my nostrils plus those organic soap tend to smell funny when you use them half way through.

So I just went to the Shiseido counter and grabbed this: Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing foam. Ever since I was little, I've been playing with my mom's Shiseido skincare items and I haven't get any weird reactions at all, that's already a big plus.

The reasons I went for this is not because of the whitening effect (which I can't tell if there is one), the sale associate suggested this and the cleanser from Pureness, but we finally narrowed down to this since Pureness was more or less designed for people with oily skin and my skin (when it comes to oil secretion/moisture retention) is normal. She also said that with continuous use(probably a few years?) , my freckle will fade a bit.

Why I like it? It cleanse very well. That's it.

I have a no-frill principle: When it comes to items I use daily. I only want them to do their job, that is to say: I don't care about whether they have extra function like anti-age, moisturizing, pore refining or reduce green house gases...(extra function means more irritants.) I just want them to do their job, if I want/need more moisture, I will use a face cream instead of relying on a face wash or sunscreen.

Put away the whitening part because I have somewhat pale skin and I can't really tell if there is an effect. This cleanse it gives me a squeaky clean feel without being drying my skin out, I like the (very) faint scent as well. What more can I say beside that "It's a keeper".

And now to something that's a bit off which also illustrates my no-frill principle:

A MP3 player with an attitude...that it only works when it wants to.

My old one is broken and I went to target and saw this pink Memorex 1GB music player that just look so adorable. On the box, it says that all of the components are environment friendly and 2 trees will be planted with the purchase of this. I didn't care about all those extra stuff, I just want a MP3 player that plays music!

By the way, I never consider iPod because I don't like the idea of a music player that changes every audio file into iTune format when I am perfectly happy with the windows player. Again, I get to chose what program get to open a music file, not a stupid iPod that depreciate by 50% in a year.

So what did I get?

A cute player that works sometime but right at the moment I plugged it in a working virus free computer, it stopped working...then it resumed working after a day or two after having the first breakdown, when it had its second one...I headed straight back the Target and returned this...

If any of you electronic makers out there happen to see this, please note that when a person is buying an MP3 player, she/he is probably just looking for something that works. And if they love mother earth, they probably don't show it by purchasing an environmentally friendly electronic. They go pick up litter and plant tree...

The search for a working Mp3 player continues...sorry for the extra part.


  1. You know what? we're the same, I would love to use ANY product that would do it's job!!! I never own an ipod myself, I have used my Creative 4gig MP3 because it has it's own radio, at that time the IPOD doesn't have the radio function. I'm a functional girl rather than fad :)

  2. Now you've mentioned it, I totally regret that I didn't pick up the Garneir shampoo a year has a freebie FM radio attached...

    I actually like to watch/listen to news...



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