Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Mascara Flashback

This is actually part of my Anna Sui series, I lost the mascara before I had a chance to take a individual picture (sorry about the dalmatian print, at least they are not coming en masse...), so I guess I will just use the old one I took last year and talk about all of them!

Starting the beginning of my senior year in high school. I started to have a thing with mascara, (along with the right curler) they will make your eyes brighter and your profile much prettier, not to mention mascara the only eye makeup that I remotely got a hang with. While in search for the perfect mascara ( one of the reason I kept buying is that although something I got an amazing product, my definition of perfect changes over time...) , I always have 5,6 mascara lying around.

Starting from the top going counterclockwise

Almay One Coat Nourishing : A no-frill product that add a little bit length and volume, won't smudge or clump even if I use it all the way (most of the time I apply mascara on the tips only) perfect for the no-mascara look. May I add that this product has a pretty good rating on MUA as well?

Anna Sui Lengthening: That was my "perfect" ( I like it long back then, now I am just too lazy to put on mascara.) a year back, it was a bit messy when I opened the tube, with all that fibrous paste on the clumpy brush, but those little fibers are the little magicians who do the trick: they attach to the end of the lashes and straighten up as you head the brush stroke upward. With a little combing, the only reason that people think that you are wearing mascara is because you lashes are just becoming too long...And another thing I like about this mascara is that while it never smudges( it's not even waterproof) , it very easy to remove: just use a damp tissue to hold the ends of your lashes (gently) , the little pieces of extension will come off.

A little note: The one I tried might be the older edition, the maker of Anna Sui cosmetic had a new one came out last year, called Super Mascara with new package. I heard that they are equally good, just letting you know that when you see the old one online, remember it will not be the freshest one out there...or not, since I just spotted this tube in the June 2008 issue of In Style...(America might just have different lines than the Japanese since Stila's official website never puts Asian exclusive items on their site anyway...

Physician Double Head: You are supposed to use the black mascara then coat them with the gel to magnify the effect, but then the mascara clumps like crazy and the gel has a consistency of wonder they discontinued it.

Physician's Formula Lengthening: It lengthens well at first by itself, but then it smudged my lids within an hour. I bought three tubes of mascara from PF before realizing that they all belongs to the garbage category, but then the new plump potion has getting some good review on Makeup Alley again...should I give it a shot?

Neutrogena weightless Volume: A wax free formula (so that if won't weight lashes down or smudge by the oil secretion) that has been here for quite a while. I didn't see much volume but it add some lengthy nicely and naturally. Another no-frill drugstore goody. Btw, I think the charcoal tube with tiny shimmer is really cute and classy!


  1. lolll Im in my mascara + curler phase right now XD cept I finally found my hg mascara! I just now gotta find that "perfect" curler--then i'll be set >:3 Despite mascara takes a bit to put on, I love the end result so it turns out well worth the time ^_^

  2. Hey...I went back to your site and forgot where I left the, hopefully you can see it here?

    I think I am over with the mascara thing now,I am getting way too lazy to curl-mascara-comb and let it smudge...As for the curler, I only have a Revlon and a shu uemura right now, and 2 days ago when I was bored and a starts taking pictures of my tools...I found out that there are quite some differences between the two...I might post the "lab repot" out once I am finished talking all the lip gloss for which I took the pictures quite a week ago...

    As for my makeup item, my new favorite is blushers...I like it that there are so many kinds of "glow" you can achieve....

    and as always, I am still buying lip gloss as if I am shopping for grocery...I am probably stopping...


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