Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Galore Continues: Newest Members to my Juicy Tubes Family

Yup , I am addicted...

Cheery on top, a splash of bloody orange with golden, huge, but not annoying glitters.

The Juicy Gelee in Crown Jewel: A cute ball of rose quartz that smells like pink grapefruit. (Roses, gardenia and grapefruit are my top three favorite scents!)
For those of you who are interested, see the surface that the guy is facing (or sleeping on) , that's where I took the first three series of lip gloss galore, it was not exactly the same place, but a few steps away...

I took it when I got off from work on a warm Sunday afternoon (way before I took the lip gloss pictures) and luckily nobody was around...when I show my roommate this picture, she said : " Ummm, you have an interesting hobby, glad he didn't wake up or you will be beaten up."


  1. haha!! lol thats funny takin a pic of that dude :3

  2. That's suffocating sleeping position is actually quite popular in my school (especially in the geek sciences building the guys are just stop caring ...and I always wonder how do those people breath since they are indeed facing their heads into a couch...too bad, the population flow is too big there otherwise I will have some series of funny pictures.)



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