Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lip Gloss Galore: Lancome Juicy Tubes

I guess a picture is more than a thousand words. What would be a better way to talk about a cosmetic product than a set of before and after pictures?
After lip balm before gloss

After putting on juicy tubes in kiwi slice. (I like the color so much that I've already finished 1/3 of a tube after 2 months!) I love the texture of the juicy tubes jelly, it's very smooth, shiny and long lasting: The lasting powder is decent that it stays on for at least 3 hours.


Now let's head to the review: I am a bit anal about lip gloss with a brush/sponge applicator. In short, while I do think some lip gloss with a dip-back applicator are pretty to look at (Guerlain, Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe, Anna Sui and Sony CP got some of the cutest tubes) but I think they are inconvenient (you have to open the top, take the brush out, apply it then dip back etc...) and gross (I am talking about layering and the cleaning part) for the most part. So instead, I like to get the ones in tube that I can just squeeze it on a brush if I want a little bit precision or just apply it when I am on the go.

To start off my lip gloss galore, let's take a look at my squegee tubes (it turns out that most of them are Juicy Tubes...) most of these gloss turn out sheer on me but I love collecting them since they are pretty to look at and nice to sniff.

First, there is Kiwi Slice (in my favorite color) and Icy pop
Kiwi slice has a pretty fruity scent and green sparkles but yoou won't be able to tell unless you are really close. My theory is that since yellow warm up the color and blue balance off the red...yellow+blue= clear gloss.

I got Icy Pop mainly because of PJ's blue glosses post, in fact, the bubblegum flavored gloss doesn't do much thing that's visible to my naked eyes...I just love all the funky colors JT has. (FYI, the smell was a bit too sweet for my liking.)

Another yummy duo Orange/Lemon Sugar:
Love the sunny color, and they smell like like fruity candies. (Most of the time the fruity juicy tubes have nicer scents than the others.)

Two Juicy Tube Cherie that I had to give away to a friend because the scents drove me nut:
Coral Rush: combination of nude, peach, pink and a touch of gold. Smells very yucky.

and Honey Violet: Golden Plum, doesn't look that scary on lips, pretty natural as well. I generally prefer the jelly over the creamy for their smooth texture.

GWP Daiquiri: Clear with sweet smell, looks very nice if wear under (yes, as a base for) Anna Sui's Rouge S which is a bit drying if wore alone.

Sun Bronze: The color is actually quite subtle, it gives skin a sun kissed look (on lips and face...) This would be an neutral color that make your skin glow.

Beside the 2 GWP minis (The minis don't seem to be as nice as the full sized ones)I also have Miracle and Bolole, which have been giveaway before I took the picture since I can't stand them.


  1. Nice juicy tubes! I love them! But I never finished a tube ...

  2. Cacau:
    I love those too...I think I will need a new one since I am running out of cherry on top...


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