Tuesday, March 31, 2020

BCL Saborino Treatment Shampoo Moist

I don't review shampoo often because I am not a big fan of most of them (my scalp gets flakey easily and many shampoo give me little break out along hairline) so it actually means something when I write up review for something so basic. 

I saw this BCL (B&C Laboratory) Saborino Shampoo at New Kam Man last summer, the scent sticker smells good enough so I decided to give it a try. The thick gel shampoo is meant to be used alone, eliminating the need for conditioner and other treatment. (You know they really mean it when there is no conditioner/rinse under this collection).

First off, the texture is a thick gel that foams up easily on the hair, it cleanses and leaves a minty peachy citrus scent (it smells nice although distinctly drugstore). After rinsing, it leaves a sleek touch that's completely tangle free. And unlike many drugstore or mid range shampoo (from American brands), this leaves my scalp free of flake and itch. 

After finishing my first bottle, I actually miss it and want another bottle...Sadly, I won't be able to until the pandemic blows over, since I am avoiding public transportation as much as I can (New Kam Man is still open if you live close to Chinatown). 
Speaking of American drugstore shampoo...Clairol brought back my beloved Herbal Essences and it's reformulated and horrendous. Not only the price is higher (3-5 dollars back in 2006, 7-8 now), it's also a runnier formula (that I had to use more of). that makes my hair icky and limp several hours later... I know I am picky but I use it three time and had to repurpose it as bathroom cleaner.
The new Pantene miracle moisture Boost is better- At the very least my hair doesn't feel gross after a day and the very light rosewater scent was pleasant enough. 


  1. The Japanese Herbal Essence (made in Thailand though ^.^") I'm using is pretty good! It's actually quite thick too, and very much reminds me of the old Herbal Essence that I loved.

    1. Good to know...maybe I will start buying the Japanese versions of American shampoo for a change. When Clairol rereleased the range for the first time, it was just runnier...now it's runny and yucky on hair.

  2. LOL bathroom cleaner. Oh my god what do you clean with it? Maybe I'll use my less liked shampoo too

    1. I just used it today for the toilet bowl, now it smells like strawberries...(Normally I use it around the counter)It's so icky I don't want to use it as undie detergent...


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