Friday, January 11, 2019

(No) More Aritaum Mono Eyes

There used to be an Aritaum store in Chinatown that's right between all of my favorite grocery spots and supermarket, through out the 1.5 years it was open, I stopped by frequently and made some of-the-moment purchases. 

These two shadows were among the purchases. I didn't remember they name and don't want to look(might have tossed them since the taupe crumbles into pieces before I swatched it). 
Both shades are dry pressed glitter kind of eyeshadow, the sparkle is somewhat complex and fun (you can use it by itself) but the wear is subpar without a primer. Overall the look and feel are like Aritaum's own Shine Fix eyes (minus the staying power) or a crumbly version of ColourPop pressed shadow. 

At the 5-6 dollar price, there is nothing special and they are something I buy and never bother to use. 
I still love their Shine Fix eyes very much though.

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