Sunday, August 05, 2018

J Cat Makeup at Harmon

Long time no spy! As much as I enjoy dissing every single pathetic drugstore offering (from US), spy life is hard this year. Nothing personal, the maker of my phone Huawei went through an update that no longer allows me transfer images to PC via usb cable. Instead they want to save everything on their Cloud... With so much crap on my  phone, it's overflowing already and I can't pay for storage space when I don't have a Chinese payment system! The brand is inconvenient to use in the US but I will forgive them (since my mom got the phone for me two years ago) as it holds up pretty well not to mention the camera is great.

Anyway, now if I want to upload any image to blogger, I have to do it one at a time (no bulk upload) and they can't be resized! Anyway, this gives me a reason to not waste my time and album space, talking about  items I am not interested in buying. The sightings from this year have been lacklustre but I finally found something that got me really interested! 

I first spotted J Cat, a California brand with products made in Taiwan, as a small display of glitter topper (very similar to the duo chrome liquid shadow by Stila).When I went to Harmon today (looking for body scrubs) there is a whole display for the brand. I only took some close up because the associate (who is very friendly) is right next to me. But damn, here are some seriously cool colors from them!
3D Licious Holographic Lip Cream. That's a pretty shade of yellow. The purple looks complex and "expensive" as well, unlike those drag queen shades other drugstore brands are coming up (Huh huh Revlon first pops into mind).
Liptonix Shine Top Potion (that oil slick shade looks like something from Kiss Cosmetics, the Japanese brand).
3D Eye Topper - I was really into the purple and blurple duochrome but all are pretty!
Big Eye Pencil...Ok most shades are a bit garish except for the olive green.
Pris Metal Eye Mousse - I was instantly attracted to these eyeshadow single when the associate told me they are "cream shadow and the bomb". Many shades from the bright yellow, olive green to burnt orange reminds me of Tom Ford Singles (google told me these came out a few months earlier). At 5.99 these are unbeatable compared to the Tom Ford. Admittedly , I still want one because the mirror shine compact is too pretty but $36 plus tax is almost a Lunasol palette...which has way higher quality imo). 

Anyway I restrained myself and only got two (Purple and rose gold) and I will report back! It has been forever since I last got excited about drugstore release (I remember thing were getting lame starting summer of 2014?). I hope other indie-leaning drugstore brands would catch up!
Single powder eyeshadow. Meh. 
Bonus picture of a real Cat (everything is better with kitty). 
You can kind of see I am wearing white a gray today, the Muji plug is unintentional (and unpaid), I got their washed cotton sheet as it's the last day of sale. The garbage is reflection outside...because New York.


  1. I bought a new phone, samsung A, mid end phone. It's good I like it. Only thing is when I screenshot something on Instagram and send it to someone via DM it gets all blurry. The saved screenshot is crystal clear on my gallery but blurry on Instagram DM. Does that happen to you?

    1. Not really...That sounds like a bug on instagrams part.


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