Sunday, September 03, 2017

Kakitsubata - SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 01

Fall is finally here! Don't panic, these are pictures from 2015. It takes me a while to thoroughly test an eyeshadow palette and we finally got some sunny days for me to photograph these after work.  They all deserve the full blast of natural light.

While the original Suqqu core palettes have been long discontinued, they played an important part in shaping the brands identity. I was quite into Kakitsubata as it was the poster shade of the whole range, when it first got introduced in 2010.
Aside from 05 Sakurakaba (which I love and made big dents on), I tend to pick Suqqu color schemes  that's are different from my choice. I mean, I can get my dose of girly boring neutral and glossy shine from much cheaper brands, no need to pay an arm and leg for those. The whole vibe is grown-up and sophisticated with a hidden edge (from that matte indigo).
Bonus picture: I got a shot of the pouch before it turned into a dust magnet.
Bottom right of the old palette is always a (variation of) matte white base that smooths and primes. Kakitsubata has a warm almond milk undertone and while it swatches smoothly on my arm, it somehow appears a chalky on my lids.
Lower left is a matte indigo that's supposed to be a base color (to have other layered and blended on top) dark colors get muddy on me very easily so I usually use it the last step as eyeliner. It look somewhat sheer but is very easy to blend on top of other shades.
Upper right is a golden chestnut with a soft bronze sheen. It's very wearable by itself and has that subtle soft shimmer that's appreciated by Suqqu fans. This is my favorite pan (and the only shade I wear out, from this palette).
The blending shade is a pink beige with coarser texture. It's a little funny that the silver shimmer are actually quite apparent on this. Since the brown is easy to work with, I don't need a blending pan to smooth out the edges.
Arm swatch of Kakitsubata. It means some sort of Iris. The flower, not eyeballz. 
All four shades layers in the typical gradation. The palette is indeed very mature and while I love looking at it, it's not the most amazing look on me.
At least the indigo makes my sclera looks whiter, eh.


  1. Oh I love the first photo of the compact on the yellow leaf and the blurry reflection! So pretty!

    The golden chestnut color is pretty, but not enough for me to put up with two mattes :D

    1. The mattes in this one are meh for me but I loved the ones in ginbudou and sakurakaba...those just blend right into skin!


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