Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint in No.9 Number Memory

Here is another toy I picked up on my first trip to the Aritaum store at Chinatown a few months ago.  From my most recent grocery trip (Deluxe Meat Market ftw, yo) Aritaum, Mamonde and La Neige are buy one get one free in store and...Meh.
Mamonde Highlight lip tint is a liquid lip color that's high in pigmentation but feels weightless on the lips. Each tube corresponds to the actual product inside, with the name and number printed on the tube. The tube is not only quite solid, the color also makes it easy to store and fetch.
The wand is plush and hold a decent amount of product. 
No. 9 Number Memory is a burnt orange in a red base. No shimmer that I can see and the scent (as with other Mamonde lippies) is delicious floral candy (I managed to find Kasugai Flower Kiss from Hong Hong supermarket, a block away from Aritaum store). 

The texture of the Aritaum reminds me of fluffy cake frosting: It's light on the mouth, doesn't overspread and settles into a smooth finish that's not shiny. Unlike other lip gloss that spread over lip surface, this actually creates a natural gradation that has been popular in Korea. I have never been a fan of such trend on myself so it hit me as a surprise.
No.9 Number Memory is this super popular color that's bright and just there. So far from the two Mamonde lip colors, I found it hard to love them as the colors both look very cheap (for lack of a more politically correct word) on me. 

I guess it's for kpop sweethearts...

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