Friday, July 07, 2017

Integrate Gracy Creamy Shine Rouge in RD-4

Integrate is the cutesy Shiseido brand that targets teens and young adults but Integrate Gracy seems like a totally different line(it is). The Shiseido budget brand (with prices slightly lower than that of Integrate) has just a few base makeup and lip products and it targets slightly older customers. 

I guess it's like Coffret D'Or Gran, Esprique Eclat and Kiss Me Ferme etc, the small sub brand those Beauty Giants curate when they don't want to commit their brain juice and ad dollars(yen?). Anyway, since a single item is generally less than 1000 yen, it's perfect as cartfiller. 
Integrate Gracy Creamy Shine Rouge is slim, shiny and totally photogenic. Ettusais 
The Creamy Shine Rouge is a semi sheer moisturizing lipstick in a slim tube. It isn't actively quenching but its glossy slip is easy to apply and doesn't dry out the lips.
RD-4 is a sheer coral with quite obvious shimmer(something I have grown out of) . Back in the days all it took was a non sucky formula for me to love any coral lipstick...Now (after trying so many great formula out there) this is just another generic sheer coral in the market. It's nice enough for there price but there is no compelling reason for me to reach for it. 



  1. I thought the color was lovely...until I got to the "obvious shimmers" part. Ha.

    1. Yeah I annoying right. Maybelline actually mades some shimmery coral that were more tasteful.


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