Monday, May 01, 2017

Sakura Spam and May Day Haul

For those of you who are sick of the wintry backgrounds...Spring is here (and almost gone) and I finally got some sunny days for the swatches (got glamour shot taken care of last week).  Before I start going cherry blossoms everything, here are some snaps from past weekends and my self-rewarded May Day (the Labor Day for the communist) haul.
While we got plenty of cherry blossoms in my own neighborhood so I don't have to travel for hanami. Anyway, I was curious about the selection at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and their Cherry Blossom Festival. I made the hike yesterday expecting to see lots of Japanese food, street vendors with the flowers. 

Well, the flashy Kanzan were abundant and in peak bloom (but it's allover in my town anyway) and other more interesting varieties like yoshino are all past peak bloom. The flower part was totally OK if you don't already live in a Sakura town or mind the garden packed with people. The festival part was lame as, there were three boothes for edible (Itoen tea, wagashi and Royce Chocolate) most stuff are easily found in supermarket.

Then the rest are touristy quality souvenir and accesories for Cosplay and overpriced BBG stuff (like a clear plastic water bottle for 18 bucks).
I managed to find something to bring home to. A scrunchy (with unremovable stain. Argh...)and a tissue holder. The booth had a lot of vintage kimono fabrics but none spoke to me.

Overall, it was totally not worth the 32-bucks admission. I might go back next year (on a week day) to check out the other varieties but no more matsuri for me, Mitsuwa is all I need.
Some kanzan from my own town. So much better when there isn't a crowd.
Weeping cherries that stayed blooming for just a few days. 

After the underwhelming festival. I got back to Manhattan for my usual Sunday drill (hoarding snacks at Chinatown). As I got off the station, I saw the new World Trade Center thought I should visit the shopping center there once...
On my way, I got distracted by the Elf store and walked out with some toys.
Smudge pot in Wine Not(purple taupe ftw), a lip tint, gel tint and molten liquid eyeshadow. Only three bucks a piece!

(I should have taken a touristy picture of the shopping mall but well...)
The Kiko store was the only one I am interested and it took me quite some time to find it. I don't see why they need a mall in place like Manhattan (aren't malls dying anyway)...The place feels so cold and empty on a Sunday afternoon.
My main interest was Kiko Long Lasting shadow sticks but I only got 06, having realized how expensive it is. At 12 dollars a piece, the wear may be amazing but shades are rather generic (nothing a drugstore brand hasn't done).

Anyway, I like the Tropical Lip and Cheeks (a clear version of their blush stick) and think it should satisfy my craving for clear berry cheek stain. 
While walking back to Chinatown, I stopped by Everyday Beauty and saw the old version of Candy Doll mascara. They were marked up to 18 bucks a piece but ran up 20 at the cashier...Anyway, one of the associates (they chat you up in Mandarin) just told me they run a discount for two so I got two for 25. Then they just gave me a Kose Softymo face wash powder as freebie!

I visited the store last year and was surprised by all the random discounts that they casually threw at me and even wondered if the products were legit (well all skincare and bath products I bought were, so was the toothpaste).

As I maneuvered my way to Deluxe Meat Market (I need some wonton and Sweet rice wine). I noticed a shiny new Aritaum store! I had bags of produce and snacks on me so I didn't take a picture of the tiny storefront but I will make sure to go back for more.

 Instead of a store with just Aritaum products, it's for all things Amore Pacifics (Iope, Sulwasoo, Laneige and Mamonde etc. Weirdly I didn't see Innisfree or Etude House). The first thing I looked for was Shine Fix eyes that I tried and love and even though they only stock six of the best selling shades (including 22 Cinnamon Rose and 26 Sleepy Boy) I found two newer ones that I could wear: 31 Play Mode (metallic rose taupe) and 35 Jazz Lounge (golden brown taupe). They are 9 bucks a piece so it's same eBay price minus the 6-week wait!

The promotion at the time was buy a lippy and get one from cheaper (like buy Laneige lipstick get lipstick from Mamonde)...I wasn't crazy about the Laneige color selection or the packaging of Mamonde lipsticks. Then the girl told me I could get Aritaum mono eyes (I pick the sparkly wine and deep taupe) for the Mamonde lippies I picked up.
I am quite happy with the Mamonde since they got very attractive colors, playful packaging and great price 12 ish dollars. I am going back for more Oil Shine Stick because the texture is so lovely. The toner and Laneige kit were freebies.

Just recently, many KBeauty stores opened in the city and I have visited most of them briefly (Too Cool For School has OK products, beautiful packaging but everthing is way overpriced. Tony Moly and The Saem have rather poor quality imo, same as the preteen brands Holika Holika, Berrisome and Peripera). This Aritaum store is the one I actually really like and I am already planning a second visit (when I am not holding 20lbs of food on my arms).
While there is no Aritaum picture, I have a few for Deluxe Meat Market (I got my priority straight) and their sinister pink lighting.
Baby octopus and (yeah I know what you are thinking...) I think it's intestine? Don't barf, it's Chinese culture.

Anyway, how is your spring/early summer so far? Did you get anything from Sephora sale (I didn't *pat self on back*) and are you eyeballing new goodies from summer collection? I am quite excited about Lunasol  palette and Chicca summer blushes and hope they aren't too hard to procure...


  1. Oh hey, I'm just about to review a second batch of Shine Fixes, including 31 Play Mode and 35 Jazz Lounge. Will post soon!

    1. I am more interested in the other shades you got! (Because I am clearly not patient enough to wait over a month for any goodies)...I wish the store carries opaque peachy shades...


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