Saturday, May 06, 2017

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Coulour Wash Comfort Balm

After two years of being in the market/hogging prime retail space, Nonie Creme Colour Prevails is finally on its last leg and all I wonder is "What took them so long? " And what about Circa, do people actually pay 10-15 dollars for Wet n Wild quality stuff?

All of their merchandises are 75% off so I picked up 4 toys to play with. The nail polish was just like Wet n Wild in the late 2000s (very much usable for 2 bucks) while the liquid eyeliner (which had dried into stone when fully sealed) and glosses just belong to trash.
The Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Colour Wash Comfort Balm is a clear gloss with swirl of color. 
It has a squeeze tube and a rubber applicator. Sally Hansen used to make these squeeze tube gloss and Nonie Creme is similar but way, way worse.
The bright red ribbon dissolves and bleeds into the clear gloss when you squeeze it and creates a bright cherry tint. It's unflaterring but luckily too sheer to cause real damage.
The gloss itself is light weight and moisturizing to some extend (like Sally Hansen but with much lower quality)but the scent was nothing like the glosses I have tried. It smells and feels like molten plastic with water... I snuff it one last time before putting up the review. 

Mental note to self: Don't buy any toy when Circa goes out of business. For all we know, it might be there for years (look at the other celebrity brand at CVS that had been around for 6 years). Being rich gets you really far, who knows?


  1. Circa cosmetics is owned by Eva Mendes right? Never been interested in celebrity owned makeup lines. It's all third party contract manufacturing. I would rather spend my money on Maybelline, loreal, Revlon etc. Maybelline used to make those squeezey tube glosses. Same with Lancome. Hardly any drugstore brand makes lipglosses anymore. It's all about matte liquid lipsticks these days. I feel like makeup back in 2011 was more exciting than now. I've lost that excitement when buying makeup. Back then I felt like a kid in a candy store. Now it's a chore, an expensive chore. I know what I like but I've lost that thrill of excitement. Sad face.

    1. They definitely were, looking back at the past limited edition displays from Revlon and Maybelline (the summer collection from revlon2010 2011 and those limited edition color tattoo), if they were released now I would definitely be interested...

      I think beside the brain drain (Gucci Westman works with SKII now). I think LOreal(mother company) is doing that so people would buy their highend brands instead (frankly they are the same quality, just difference in packaging)...They pulled Shu Uemura from US and UK (now) so that it won't compete with their other luxury brands (they worded it differently but we get it)...

      Well, joke on them I am neither buying maybelline or YSL. I now look at others cheap brands like NYX and colourpop instead. There are always newcomers to fill the needs.

    2. I still like Maybelline, loreal, Revlon etc but feel like they are trying way too hard these days, especially considering social media influence. NYX, we don't get the full range here in Australia so I'm not really that impressed. A lot of it is made in china taiwan etc but they are still charging Maybelline+ prices for it! My face is a lot drier these days due to ageing, and I find a lot of drugstore makeup don't make anything for us ageing aunties so I'm mostly high end stuff these days.

    3. NYX is around the same price as maybelline here (despite being made in China or Taiwan) but the are one of the few choices for interesting colors...Kind of make up for it.


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