Monday, April 03, 2017

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in PK-3

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes is one of their most popular products that has been around for at least three years already. Most of the hype came from PK-3, a wine/burgundy palette released when the color was allover the runway and magazines (this year it's peach everywhere). 

By last spring I had already gotten three of the Glossy Rich Palettes and liked zero of them (they aren't bad but for palettes, I either wear something or I don't). I thought I should just cave in for PK3, for research purposes. 
The Visee packaging is girly Gothic and quite nice at this price point. 
From upper left clockwise- Pinkish white cream. Peach blending shade. Reddish brown with a fuchsia undertone and a bronzy burgundy lid shade. This is one of the more wearable burgundy eyeshadow thanks to the warm copper undertone, most purple-burgundy make me look like I got punched in the eyes. 
Even though the intensity is quite good, all four shades had a semi clear quality that make them layer together really well (also means that it gets ruddy when I blend to much).
(I should have put on some mascara here) The best way to preserve the integrity of the main shade is to apply with the sponge tip applicator and it's a nice color for warm autumn day. 
Anyway, PK-3 is my favorite of the Glossy Rich and I can see why it's popular. It's still not a color that I reach for though. Maybe I should just stick with Nudy Rich eyes.


  1. You know what, this was the only Glossy Rich palette I kept, solely because of that pretty burgundy!

    1. Hmmm. This is the only glossy rich eyes that I have worn twice but I am just OK with it, I think Majolica generally has color scheme that click with my preference better...Even though visee has nicer texture.


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