Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jill Stuart Shimmer Couture Eyes in Brown Couture - Fall 2016

Jill Stuart (or just Kose brands in general) has been killing it this past few seasons. Every few months they would put out the most tempting ad visual and among their frequent releases, there were always a few items that make me reach out my grabby hands. For fall 2016 limited edition, the theme was Dual My Face, featuring
contrasting themes in Bronze Brown and Dark Navy.

 I was smitten with the bronze packaging so I picked up an eye palette and a lipstick. Today, I will show you the eyeshadow (Spoiler for the lipstick: Yuck.)
The clunky bronze palette is beautifully plasticky with clear (brown tinged) plastic over reflective lining. The details around the whole palette are intricate and rather photogenic. It feels hefty on the hand and takes quite some space in my clear storage case.
Of course, the paper box is in matching brown.
One more glamour shot of the compact. I love how there are so many things going on but the design still looks balanced. While it's a beautiful compact the have in one's collection, I bought it mainly for its color scheme (when it comes to lipstick, I do buy things purely due to packaging but when it comes to eyeshadow, I try to make sure it's a combo that I like and would wear). 
I am not crazy about brown eyeshadow (purple taupe tend to be easier on me) but there is somethin' somethin' about  Shimmer Couture Eyes in Brown Couture. It has a light gold glow that's brightening without being too warm, too shimmery or too metallic. I love my boring neutral with a kick and this certainly looks like one. 
Upper left is a soft yellow in condensed creamy powder texture (almost exactly the same as the cream base in Visee Glossy Rich Eyes, also by Kose). It's smoothing as a base although I prefer base without any sparkle.

Upper right is a glistening champagne top coat with a rice-paper base color. Despite its strong presence (super glittery textures that flies around), it's rather tasteful and can be worn to work (no I don't work at night club) when you keep the area contained. The color looks complex especially under artificial light.
The main lid shade is a brass brown. The finish is metallic but it still blends right on to skin. This is one of those shades that defines and brightens eyes at the same time, without looking heavy or overly dramatic (like some metallic colourpop singles). 

The liner is in a sparkly (but overall has a drier finish) khaki tinged brown that's good for adding subtle definition but not dense enough for precision lining. It's a little sheer so it works best padded lightly on top of other shades. 

The eyeshadow (like everything else Jill Stuart) is scented (same peachy floral) so keep that in mind if it bothers you.
Brown Couture gives eyes a warm gold in the day light (and makes it dazzle at night). 
I love the combo but I feel that for 5400-yen retail (a few bucks more than Lunasol), the texture of the shadow aren't amazing. During cooler months it actually falls right off my dry lids and looked patchy and powdery. For that much, I was expecting a well thought out scheme (which it does have) and texture that's better than Visee and Esprique (something not delivered). Anyway, it just means that I won't be too tempted by their future releases. 
Since the eye ball picture looked a bit washed out and boring (The look was quite complete to me in real life) I decided to add some fun liners. Warm shadow with cool liners is one of my favorite summer cliches.
These Jordana Cat Eye liner went on clearance last summer at Duane Reade so I scooped up all of them (it was around 2 bucks a piece). Formula can get gunky, flaky (lighter shades) and staining but it wears well on top of eyeshadow and has interesting color selection for a drugstore brand (even when they do bright it's always those same shades over and over again). 
Orchid is a lovely light-medium purple that contrasts with the eyes and warm bronze tone in the shadow. 
The brush tip was good for fine lining as well. Anyway, I guess I still prefer the shadow or liner by itself. 


  1. I was actually eyeing this very quad until I remembered how much I hated JS's gigantic plastic packaging! I guess I'm glad I abstained.

    1. As bulky as it is, I really enjoy looking at this(and I like the actual palette itself)! Better than Three's semi porous (like Nars lite)one...


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