Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lipstick Queen Saint Hot Rose

Lipstick Queen is a brand I kept repurchasing even though I don't love most of what I have hoarded. Aside from Medieval (love) and Jean Queen (I adore the texture but it definitely turns magenta on me). I just don't reach for the rest thanks to the gummy tubes. 

Just last week, I impulse-bought another Endless Summer off Amazon, it was marked as delivered yesterday but the package was nowhere to be found. My relationship with the Queen is like an okay date that will never end up anywhere serious.

Anyway, let me review another Saint I got last year (because I might as well use the snow day to clear up my backlog). 
I totally think the 10% pigment claim is arbitrary (Chicca calls itself 2/5 at  40% but runs much clearer) as I find many of the saint lipsticks are bold and opaque at the same time. 
Saint Hot Rose is a hot pink glazed cream  that's doesn't look too magenta. The texture is creamy smooth without any slip and the color should look great for spring and summer (which won't be here for a while thanks to Stella...At least I get to keep my white backdrop a little longer?)  
I actually really like how Saint Hot Rose looks. The hard part is just pulling this gummy  bullet out of my stash during summer.


  1. Wow! It turns a much brighter and hotter pink on you than on me! Either way, very pretty!

    1. Yup. My lip color is a double-edge sword, it makes most colors brighter but also turns a good deal of lippie grandma magenta...

  2. I bought another Lancome lipstick out of curiosity. Lancôme shine lover lipstick in 314 Spontanee. A warm bright pink. It's ok. It goes on really glossy but it wears off in 15 minutes and you're left with a demi matte stain. Still a bit too bright for my taste. Very expensive, $50aud for 2.9g! My search for the perfect nude pink continues...

  3. I am finding that as I'm getting older, the light nude shades (like Revlon soft nude/bellini, Maybelline born with it or MAC Angel/Hue/Creme d'nude etc) that I used to wear when I was younger no longer work on me! They wash me out so bad that I might as well not wear lipstick. I think because I'm older, my skin colour is a bit more yellow and sallow (the curse of being Asian) that I need something a bit more brighter to "lift" my sallow complexion. Warm peachy nude pinks look best at doing that, but nothing too bright as my lips are quite red in the first place. Cool/purple/blue based pinks also look dreadful on me. Brown based are an absolutely no no, does nothing for sallow Asian skin, never bought into that Kylie Jenner Velvet Teddy instagram craze. Do you have the same problem as I do?

    1. Yellow skin problem...yup sure have it but mostly it's those bright reddish coral pink that throws it off. I don't have a preference for washed out nude so that was never an issue for me. When I do reach for neutral, I make sure the color is not paler than the color of my lips...

      Actually, I am guessing I am lucky that even I have the "Asian yellow skin" my undertone isnt super warm that I can still pull off deeper brighter shades...I found that if I put more attention to skincare, it also helps lip color look better...(Well duh) like a cleaner canvas (not necessary whiter) can hold off brighter paint.


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