Thursday, February 02, 2017

Collective Sighting from TJ-Maxx and Duane Reade

TJ-Maxx is my favorite source of random high end or Wholefoods type of skincare. There have been more and more Korean products popping up, which is fun to (window) shop. Here are some sighting from last week. 
Holika Holika Pig Collagen jelly pack
Pure Heals Galactomyces 70 and Centella 80 Cream
Propolis Ampoule and Foam Cleanser and It's Skin Star CC cream. I said they are fun to window shop because the prices are actually not that great (most of the time more expensive than brick and mortar stores, which already has markup on everything) and the makeup don't suit my own preference.

While TJ maxx in general have similar stock among branches (most of the time the to-be discontinued stuff from Sephora), the ones in New York has better makeup selection. 
At the 19th Street TJ-maxx, I found Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lip gloss (at the long check out isle). 
At the beauty corner, there are some glosses. I didn't pick up any since I don't wear bold red with a ton of shimmer. 
And Liptropolis Lipsticks. I resisted and was surprised how easy it was. Two years ago I would have bought all three because "I am saving so much from regular price!" 

Now, I prefer spending 30 dollars on an item I know I will reach for (something without a gunky rubbery packaging). *Pat self on the back*
Pacifica Power of Love mineral lipstick collection. 
At Duane Reade, there are also a lot of new products out. Sheer lipstick from Boots. Packaging is cute but nothing outstanding even by drugstore standard. 
More lipsticks
High Shine Lip Gloss
Stay Perfect lipstick
Soap and Glory is newly added brand to Walgreens/Duane Reade. Here are some mascara and eyeliner.
Some gloss and lip crayon (That's so 2012)
Perfect ten eyeshadow palette

Lipsticks (I swatched them and they are meh)
Covergirl Foundation and concealer
L'Oreal Micellar Water
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks


  1. L'Oreal micellar water is finally here! Thanks <3

  2. I am kind of catching on to the micellar water trend as well. So far I like the origin one, it takes me a while to get through a fourth of it though.


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