Monday, January 02, 2017

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

"We are at Yosemite and you are taking pictures of your Goddamn lip balm?"

Well, yes and no. I wasn't just taking pictures of the lip balm. I was also going to shoot my mineral-related purchases while soaking under the sunrays that were passing through the golden leaves. By the way, the same woman also yelled "What is that pink thing on our carpet!?" a few years back.(Neutrogena mineral blush I tried to remove and press into pan. It was a failure, obviously.) 

I have a weird habit when I do short trips, I pack several of the same thing (sheer red lip tint) and forget about the basic. While I was a Target looking for a clear balm to used as night. I walked (I mean I Caltrain-ed) home another sheer red tint. 
Vaseline Rosy Lips quite simple (as it's made with petrolatum, flavor and coloring). This tin is special for the holiday and I was surprised that it cost me closed to five bucks (downtown SF rent, eh?) and not that much cheaper in Jersey either. 
It has the consistency of Vaseline and gives a subtle shine and some moisture on the lips. The cool rose tint isn't very strong but it's a nice brightening color. It has a bit of a weird taste but nothing too bothersome.
While I like the color, the formula is a bit too thin for me that it get soaked up quickly and never remains thick through out the night. It's a fresh look for the day I suppose but I am too lazy to reapply (I have to use lip brush with products in a pot) after drinking. 

So, I am back to Smith's rose salve for now, as least they have a thicker formula with more oils to lock in moisture.


  1. Thanks for the review! I was always curious to know how Vaseline stacked up to Smith's. I love Smith's for bedtime.

    1. I have two of smith's tins right now brambleberry and Mandarin but I want to get (repurchase) minted rose...They are my perfect excuse to use/hoard all the lip brushes. Vaseline is too thin and plain for me...


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