Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wet n Wild Prismatic Lip Gloss in The Loco-Potion

The Loco-Potion is one of the four limited glosses from Wet n Wild's Holiday 2015 Sequins and Stardust collection. I liked how it looked in the tube (not to mention it was dirt cheap) so I grabbed it without second thought.
 The gloss is a clear based one filled with duo-chrome (golden coral and fuchsia) micro glitter. The texture is actually smooth on the lip.
  On the lips, there is barely any color but you can see the glitter well (when you are up close). The gloss itself is a thickened gel that settles to a smooth finish. It's reasonably hydrating (for the price). I feel like I have to redip several times just to gather enough product to spread on my mouth. And for how it looks (frankly, it's nothing special on the lips), I don't think I want to put the effort...

At least it was nice to look at.

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