Monday, December 26, 2016

Laura Geller Blush and Brighten in Roseberry

It is cold where you are? Anyway, on this blog you get to experience warm and beautiful seasons all year round (randomly) because I am behind on reviewing stuff/like to wait a bit before putting up my complaint. For example, this one was purchased a while back, feauturing the neighbourhood cherry blossoms of spring 2015.

Laura Geller isn't a brand I get to see all the time but occasionally, they pop up at Marshall and TJ Maxx greatly discounted. I must have seen this for around 15 bucks (or less, because I like fancier packaging normally). 
Laura Geller Blush and Brighten in Roseberry is seemly huge (it contains 5grams) pan of baked cheek colour, there are some shimmering veining within to serve as highlighter but for me, those are too small to make any effect.
Roseberry (swatched next to Jordana eyeliner because it wouldn't focus) is a matte dusty rose (the coppery veining doesn't show up)that offers a tad bit of coverage. It's rather pigmented, easy to apply and blend with a natural haired brush and understated enough to work on bare skin. It gives cheeks a fuji apple kind of flush, which also reminds me of those classical painting. 

This is one of the blush that looks somewhat boring in the pan but I don't want to let go as it's so easily wearable (kind of like Stila convertible color in peony).  The compact isn't the prettiest out there but it's not heavy for its size and quite practical with the mirror on top.

 Now I want one of their swirly blushes...


  1. I got the Laura Gellar mineral foundation (or whatever it's called) but it's too dark so I never used it. Emilynoel83 used to always talk about it!

    1. Emily does have a golden bronzy skin tone though, I am not surprised that it's not as relatable to the average Asian NC20-25...

  2. You should try the Coastal Scents Forever Blush!!! The packaging of this blush looks EXACTLY like the Coastal Scents one. (Which makes me wonder if they're just made in the same factory lol.) They're also only $5 each!!


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