Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Visee Nudy Rich Eyes in Mauve Beige BE-5

 We are finally getting some sunshine so it's time to review palette again! Visee Nudy Rich Eyes isn't as well known as the Glossy Rich (the burgundy one PK-3) but I noticed it placing first in a Japanese magazine award of some sorts, alongside some Lunasol boring neutral.

 I bought it last year (when things were still green around) and have been wearing it more than a handful of times. It's saying a lot since I hauled quite s few palettes second half of last year.

The packaging of Nudy Rich Eyes is Baroque-flashy with a touch of Kamen Rider, not the classiest one, but what do you expect from a brand who picks Rola as their spoke model? I kid, I kid...Rola is not nearly as annoying nowadays (compared to that goggly-eyed death stare, baby-tones she used to sport a few years back) and she does fit the glamorous rocker chick image...

Anyway, the palette is light weight, compact (same size as any other Japanese drugstore palettes) and comes with a duo side (sponge and brush) applicator and no mirror.
 I bought BE-5 under the impression that it's a rosy taupe beige but I saw it somewhere (packaging?) saying it's a mauve beige, I guess I will go with it. According to the promo image, it does look more purply than BE-3 and BE-4. 

There are five shades in the palette:
1. Creamy light beige - Clear and slight pearly with a bouncy creamy powder texture. It works nicely as a primer that make the color stick, but it's not too sticky (like American drugstore ones) that glue a whole chunk of powder on. 

2. Rosy taupe beige for lid - Pearly, decently pigmented and can be sheered out easily. It's a nicely definining color that isn't too deep. Texture is fine and there is only a tad of fallout when I poke it with the included brush tip.

3. Deeper beige (also with a rosy mauve undertone). It's not too far from the lid shade, in terms of depth but it creates a more even transition when used closer to lash line or as the lid for outter halves of eyes.
4. Deep matte rose-brown liner (it's pearly but the glimmer is sporadic/not allover the place). It's a little drier formula that gives a very soft definition when used with the sponge tip. It blends nicely with the other colors.

5. Warmer pink top wash. A little dab on the center of lids is enough to brighten up the look. I just love it when they make the liner/top wash pan smaller than the other shades.
Standard vertical gradation with the BE-5 (applied hastily when I got home to catch the last ray of sunlight in my living room). There isn't anything exciting about the palette.  It's highly practical, containing shades that blend harmoniously on top of each other, the kind of makeup that makes your eyes bigger and brighter without a heavy powdery finish.
It looks a bit dry here (because it's freshly applied). After half and hour or so, with the help of body heat,  the colors all melt into a slightly luminous finish. It kind of made me wonder do I really need those "delicate shimmer" and melty glides from those arm-and-leg brands...


  1. Hey, that palette actually looks quite pretty!!!

    P.S. Your package is on its way, finally ^.^

    1. I liked it for quite a while (th en I got distracted by other palettes I have)...It's among my most teached no-brainer neutral.

      Oh, now I have more stuff to look forward to! I need to start using my clear ruby cherry as well...


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