Friday, October 16, 2015

Ramy When Hairy Met Sealy Tinted Brow Gel

For the last few months, I have been on a mission, a de-stashing/simplification mission that summarizes into "Buy the best/priciest one that my budget allows, so I am no longer clutter my place with things I don't use".  Well, just weeks after I got the best brow powder I have used (so far)...I got suckered into another clearance sale at Duane Reade.

For people who haven't heard about this brand: Ramy appears to be a NYC based brand available in those bigger Walgreens and Duane Reade (they are kind of the same thing how both sells pricey grocery and rarely go on sale). Well, Ramy has been on clearance since September (going 50% to the current 75% off) so I picked up a few toys to play with. Yeah, my destashing mission is going nowhere...
When Hairy Met Sealy (I mean how can you not fall for this!?)is the only tinted brow gel available from the line and after price slash, it becomes around 5 dollars. Packaging is nice and solid and the whole tube of creamy is most likely going to expire before I am 1/3 through anyway.
The wand contains just enough product for brushing both brows (be careful about the goop gathering on top though. It provides some tint to the brow (that doesn't look too light or too warm even on my coloring) and brushes them into places. My main problem is avoiding the goop (because there is always on here or there in the bristle). After one try and one mini-sharpie mark on each brow. I decided to just give up. Anyway, I suppose this is still a decent product and much easier to work with (when I wipe before using)that filling with powder, it just doesn't fit my personal need: Whenever I am too lazy that I will reach for either clear brow gel or just not bothering with them at all.

I could buy some chicken tender with the five bucks. By the way, their single eyeshadow are pretty good though, for five bucks, that is...

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