Friday, August 14, 2015

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Since I have a few lip brushes lying around, it's only natural to get more uses out of them/start buying potted lip balm/tint. Korres Lip Butter is easily accessible and not too expensive(at 12 bucks)so I decided to give it a try.

The lip butter has a simple lightweight plastic jar with lid matching the color of the balm. There is a simple paper box that slides open.
I normally associate pomegranate the fruit with a glimmering wine shade but I guess Korres is not wrong either, as the shell of pomegranate is indeed a medium coral.

Korres lip butter actually has a buttery texture as I poke my brush in, but(the good thing is that) it's light weight, non-sticky and smells freshly fruity. The shade has some opacity but it settles and blends well on the lips. It's a light and comforting formula for the current weather but could be too thin for winter.

I enjoy using it but it wasn't so special that I want to get one in another shade.


  1. You have pretty lips but they look especially happy & even prettier with Pomegranate! :)
    Speaking of Pomegranate, I have been enjoying pomegranate white tea (TJ's) a lot lately. I usually hate fruit tea since they taste sour and bitter, but what I never knew tea bags easily brew in cold water until this summer! Those nasty flavors are not there if I cold brew. This also has helped me to cut down on coffee as well.
    Sorry about pomegranate ramblings! ;D I'm sipping some as I type, and I do see some coral hues in my tea! :)

    1. Haha, coral is the kind of color never goes wrong. But I prefer those coral glosses from revlon and maybelline though.

      The pomegranate green tea from bigelow(?)is pretty good and they add hibiscus in it to give a pretty pink tint and a slightly sour taste. My bagged tea collection is blown out of control (get a box or two on almost every tjmaxx/marshalls visit) since I can't drink coffee at all (I get even hyper from drinking coke) unless you are talking about those milkshakes in Starbuck...

      I will pass some of the individual bags to you if I bump into you in Lincoln center(so far, didn't like any of nyphil's program though....I will check mets calender later but my only concert buddy hates opera, she said sopranos give her

    2. Maybe we could bump into each other in fall. ;) I haven't bought a legit ticket for so long. Met is actually a terrible opera house (too big and known to often ruin young singers) and there are way too many subpar singers backed by various mafias, but it's still Met. I occasionally go see something like Turandot where I can forget mediocre singing and pay attention to blingy gold set (plus there is no relevant role in it so I'm bothered less), which I actually think only reason to pay for a Met ticket. LOL.

    3. I think I blingy set would be exactly what I am willing to pay for because I don't care for most of the singers there(wish they have war and peace there). Even with Carnegie Hall I ended up with only a small percentage of concert I really loved , consider I have heard and liked those in other venues before(cso and Muti came back in February, I had a stroke and bought tickets all three concerts, dozing off on the first, knitted through the second and meh-ed the last...) I will definitely hoard-it-all for Rattle-BPO this fall...Let's hope that I still have budget for some fancy brushes and palettes...


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