Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Clear Red Heart - Canmake Cream Cheek Clear

Clear Red Heart is the first clear (shimmer-less) of Canmake Cream Cheeks that I got. I ordered it online (alphabeautyuk at eBay) to test the water, because I vaguely remember Dalenna called it the most pigmented/most see through one of the bunch. I guess I like it enough to (ask my mom to get me) three more.
Might have mentioned it (but I will say it again). I adore this tiny (smaller than the width of a credit card) plastic compact, which is light and perfect for travel (or buying multiples of them). The strange thing is that I can't find the weight/volume of product that it contains (same thing for every Canmake item I have) but I think it should last 2 months with daily use.
Clear Red Heart is described as either as a neutral or a blue-based red on various blogs. To me, it looks neutral looking at the pan. On my face, it turns much brighter into a watermelon (pinkish red then with a tad bit of warmth in it) pink. Kind of like Revlon Wild Watermelon Lip Butter. In the other hand, the obviously blue-based Benetint looks naturally rosy on me. 

Some red blush side by side: Benetint (tossed after swatching because it got all milky and gross inside the bottle), Clear Red Heart, Anna Sui 400 (abandoned in Houston because I had it for 8 years) and Essence Renesmee Red.
The jelly-looking (good enough to eat!) blush has a somewhat balm-like texture as I poke my finger in the pan, but it wasn't particularly slippery (like actual balm), sticky or oily. A dab (or two) spreads easily (I get so much more blending time than with other liquid stain) and and seamlessly. I use it mainly on bare skin (have been slacking on sunscreen) and the pinkish red blush just looks fresh and brightening. 

Overall: Love it (or Canmake Cream Cheek in general). I am just not too excited about writing reviews for blushes...


  1. Oooooh pretty!
    I've been wanting to try Canmake cream cheeks for so long. I'd love a sheer red like this or some orange coral with clarity. Do you think this is a better bet than those Josie Maran cheek gelee?

  2. I only searched the Josie maran on my hand and it's sheerer more watery-feeling. Canmake wins it on pigments and price(even after markup).


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