Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kiko Eyeshadow in Pearly Beige Silk

Continuing on the Kiko goodies gifted by Lily and Polly - Kiko Eyeshadow in 118 (looked up online and it's called Pearly Beige Silk, or was it a description?) is described as a highly pigmented eyeshadow. I could be hallucinating but this certainly look taupe to me, a medium-light golden beige taupe, like toasted rice. On my skin, it picks up a bit of pink and become a subtle rose gold.
Taupe-gold side by side: Pearly Beige Silk, Rimmel Mayfair Palette (the taupe shade), Maybelline Bad to the Bronze, Maybelline Caffeine Rush, Wet n Wild Primer in A Little Party and Maybelline Pink Wink.
(Eyeball look from yesterday's Milani eyeliner post- Yes I like to double dip) I use it as an allover and under lid and it creates a luminous sweet-nothing look: Just a little more refreshed, a little more polished minus any frost or drama. In fact, this is probably the only shade I feel comfortable wearing with bold lips (and without other base makeup) as it's so simple and neutral. Beside using just as a brightener, this is also great as a base for my eyeliners, so they don't get rubbed off my oily lids (sometime, I don't want to do a whole neutral smokey eyes just so that I can play with colorful eyeliner). 

Overall: Great for dummies and the lazy. Did I mention that the frosted compact looks really sleek and just-substantial enough?

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  1. sounds like a great basic shade! I've heard that there have been some kiko stores popping up in some US malls... I'm pumped!


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