Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Vinyl - Milani Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner

Since I really like the turquoise one, I went ahead and bought another Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner. This time, I went for the Black Vinyl, a glossy black without any shimmer.
Applicator is still the same - that pokey conical hard felt-tip. A slightly bouncy one (or simply switching to fine brush) would be more user friendly but I guess you can use this to poke between individual lashes...
One single swipe on the arm - Beside being a tad runny (require layering), the Milani Ultra Fine is pretty much comparable to waterproof liners from Urban Decay and Stila. Despite the watery consistency, I do like how inky the color is (as in, not gray, ashy or murky). 
Even though this is rinse and splash proof, it is quite susceptible to oil and friction. On hooded and oily lids, it flakes up quickly unless I do some priming beforehand (eyeshadow primer and neutral eyeshadow allover the lids), in that way it will last 5-8 hours.
 Sorry for the shaky application - In my defense, this is my left eye (I reckon that you all got sick of my right eye-ball). The mascara was the Double Extend by L'Oreal with Lash Serum (no, it wasn't the old tube I reviewed).  A mental note for myself: Go get some eye cream and a metal lash comb...

Overall: A pretty good product for the 7-dollars price tag. I would like if they release more interesting shades in the range.


  1. I've been getting more into liquid eyeliner lately and have been eyeing this one... also, can I just say that your photos are always so pretty!?!?!?!? Holy shit!


    1. Thank you...I do enjoy taking pictures for the blog (and I have gotten progressively more OCD through out the years). If you are really into liquid, I suggest trying Japanese brand like Dolly Wink and Kiss Me, those are known for their precision and waterproof-ness(?)...Milani was decent for the price (I prefer the turquoise one) but I feel it's a bit too sheer (going over would just make things less precise).


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