Sunday, May 19, 2013

Covergirl Wipped Creme Foundation, Clean Glow Blush & Ink It Pencil Eyeliner

Spotted at ULTA - Covergril Clean Whipped Cream makeup
The texture reminds me of the mousse foundation by Rimmel (discontinued around 3 years ago), it's watery that dries somewhat matte.
  Clean Glow Bronzer and Blush
Ink it Eyeliner Pencil
Black Ink and Charcoal Ink
Silver Ink and Cocoa Ink (I saw the slot for a turquoise one at Target but I guess it's not shelved yet)
Flamed Out Mascara
Flame Out Eyeshadow Pencil 
Covergirl and Olay Eye rehab CC cream (brightening concealer)

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  1. Love your detailed pictures of the New Covergirl products! I just picked up the Flamed Out Mascara and Whipped Foundation and even though they both weren't exactly what they claimed to be, I love the mascara like I do the rest of their formulas. x

    Check out my blog sometime..


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