Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cargo Magic Brush

I bough this Cargo Magic Brush last year while I was on a synthetic brush kick, it's a relatively compact dome/mushroom shaped multipurpose brush made with synthetic fibers. According to the packaging (clear plastic box), the hair is specially engineered that it acts as a magnet on powder (grabbing and dropping them without residue on the brush) so you can use one brush to apply powder foundation, blush and bronzer.

The brush has a nice, solid, just weighty enough kind of construction and a solid ferrule to hold the hair (that it never shed since I bought it). The bristle is quite dense that it seems to contain similar number of bristle like the bigger Too Faced Retractable Kabuki  and seems equally soft. It just doesn't feel as airy as the hair are more packed , straight and directional.

Thanks to the stiffness, it does a great job picking dispensing blush, leaving an even finish and I do notice that the head is not as messy as other one when you use it for powder products in different colors. But again, I have more than 5 blush brushes lying around (to serve my lazy self) so I don't really need this function. I mean, the other blush brushes do the exact same thing while giving a fluffier sensation.  
If you don't mind wasting (the brush is quite absorbent) some foundation, the brush is great for giving a liquid foundation a natural, air-brushed finish. It's just that the brush is so dense that it's quite hard to clean completely and (most of the time) takes more than one day to dry, which defeats its purpose as foundation brush. I mean, I have to wash it after use (for obvious hygiene reason).  It also does a great job grabbing cream cheek products...but I am too lazy to use it for the same reason. I mean, I can use my finger tips for both foundation and cream blush anyway. 

Overall: If you like a small brush for using multiple powder products on-the-go, this will fit the bill (I guess it's well-constructed enough for its 30-something buck price tag). Since I don't use multiple face products as once (I don't even have powder foundation) so I don't really reach for it.


  1. I'd be far too lazy to wash it, but it looks like a good brush. Very multitasking too ^_^

  2. wow, the brush looks so dense! I would probably use this for foundation, it looks like it'll give me the best coverage :D

  3. Sounds great! I love a multitasking brush!


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