Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nivea a Kiss of Milk & Honey, Intense Moisture Lip Care

Wait...Is that a stick balm I am looking at, something that never really worked for my skin (on lips) type?  The story pretty much went like my typical "brain-freeze" moments: A sale went on, I had some extra bucks reward and the next thing I know is that I am home with several things I don't need. Well, at the very least this stuff looks and smell nice.
Nivea a Kiss of Milk and Honey (smelled just how it's named) is a thick balm that's relatively cream: While it doesn't leave a thick layer of smooshed wax, you get a nice even layer that's neither waxy nor thin. So it basically smells nice and coats the lip evenly, doing what a wax-balm is supposed to do (on my lips) - Absolutely nothing.
The A Kiss of Intense moisture medicated lip balm is essentially a small tube runny vaseline, with some menthol. It does give some moisture and relief when my lips feel weathered (which is rarely the case as I always have some glosses nearby when they becomes dry) but the menthol makes my lips feel raw if I use it more than once a day...Overall: The packaging is convenient but I guess I prefer clear or sheer gloss over this.


  1. Need something for the winter so def will try one of these during my impulse shopping lol.

  2. I use the milk and honey one before I put on my lipstick. It's ok. Nothing impressive at all. I wouldn't buy it again.



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