Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

1. Paul & Joe Fairie Kiss Lip Gloss (see swatches here

2. Patricia Nash Cherry Red Leather Bag

3. Make Up For Ever Brow Corrector

4. A "baby lock" carved out of jade from this Taobao store.

5. Coral earrings.

6. Brown Mary Jane

Just the tube, as I am not interested in the actual product (at all).

8. Unii Palette in Lilac

9. Megan Miller Nail Color in Caribbean

10.Nikolai Lugansky Complete Erato Recordings  (Must...Buy...) 
I just wish he had recorded some Bach with Erato...

11. Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen 
Ok...I think I just the idea of having a sleek, black, expensive pen.

12. Round Glasses seen on Anna Sui FW2012 

13. Sweet Olive (flower) jam 

14. Tropical fruits like Pitaya and Pomarrosa

15. Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Remedy
Let's hope TJ-maxx will restock them before my 2nd tube runs out. (Because I am not paying 27 bucks for a tube of hand cream) 


  1. Holy moly! Did you draw that? You have some real talent!! I could see that as a print for a cute makeup bag or stationary! I especially love your dragon fruit and Nikolai Lugansky album.

    1. Haha, thanks! I didn't do Lugansky justice though, the polyglot, chess-playing Russian John Hamm...

  2. YOU DREW THAT?!? you are amazing

    1. Thanks (I failed at the lemon/cirton part...erasing the pencil marks before the ink was dried, or I would try to color this)! I am,however, not amazing enough to spell "Jon Hamm" correctly.

  3. i absolutely love the mufe brow corrector!


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