Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautymate Nano Tech Sheet Mask

Beautymate seems to be a Taiwanese skincare brand with a ridiculously (lower the sound before clicking)  annoying website (graced by a grown-up woman who insists on talking and acting like a baby). It seems to me that their sheet mask is the most loved, as there are quite a few positive reviews from various bloggers. Anyway, I received a rainbow (or two, since there was a grand total of 14 masks including three for under eye areas) of these from the generous Dalenna last December, as she said they makes good padding for the actual swap goodies.
Each of the 11 BeautyMate masks has a different function: Some soothes sensitivity, some to fight acne, moisturizing and most are (different phrasing on) whitening. I use them mainly to calm inflammation and flakiness (after squeezing zits on my face) and lightly moisturize and it seems very effective doing that, they all make my face feel moisturized but not too nourished (that I got whitehead afterward).

When I have them on my face, I notice a little bit of a tingling sensation that can sting a little on broken skin (I guess I shouldn't use mask on broken skin anyway) but it goes away pretty quickly and doesn't irritate the skin further.
A different packaging on masks with Aomori Green Apple and Yamagata Cherry - but the inside are pretty similar though. Different to other masks I have tried, the Beautymate ones all have plastic sheet on which the wet mask is adhere to, I suppose it's meant to keep the mask in place/shape.   

And in case you wonder, this is the main item I want from the swap...
"Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! Who's z'ere? We are Sexy Zone!"
I thought I have seen it all, with NYC (which stands for Nakayama, Yamada and Chinen)  Kis-My-Ft (No. Thank you!), Johnny-san has outdone himself again, coming up with the most awkward name in the history of boy band. When I first heard the news, I was skeptical ("What the hell is Sexy Zone? Clearance racks of Victoria's Secret?") but something happened (involving a few animated gifs of Sato Shori) and the next thing I know...I was looking up pictures of the kid and sniggering in front of my laptop, like a middle-aged perv.
Picture of Sato Shori alone - You know you want it.


  1. LOL middle aged perv? I guess it was kind of awkward when I was asking the store clerk for Sexy Zone's newest release xD

    he's a cutiepie!

    1. Oh, my voice just becomes really low-pitched (it's already deep for female...I remember when I was 5 people would mistake me for an adult over the phone) and my laughter is a little sinister...A friend of mine actually tried to record it and use it as ringtone.

      P.S. I totally considered using a shori gif as a blogpet (actually I tried but decided to remove it after a few minutes)...then some 12-year-old Johnny's fan girl would just hot-link the image and run out my monthly bandwidth in a week.


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