Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taupe Time: 10 Professional Nail Lacquer

10 Professional Nail Lacquer in Showtime is a medium to (somewhat) deep taupe cream with an obvious purple undertone once applied (at least on my nails), kind of similar to the once-very-hyped Sephora by OPI Metro Chic.
For the price (around 2 dollars during clearance), there is nothing amazing about the formula: It's runny, sheer (pools around my cuticle) and dries a little bubbly under the already high temperature. It's not a horrible formula but I much prefer Steel Gray by Rimmel, which is also around 2 dollars when it's half off.


  1. i am not over the top for taupe :( but i am glad you liked it (sort of)! i hate to be annoying, but when are you going to answer my award questions?

    1. I am sorry to keep you waiting. I believe that I have answered you in your blog (under the tag post) as well as the comment section of the Milani Lip Party review, I have quite a few older posts (some are from a year ago) that I like to finish up first before doing a tag so it might take a while. I don't have the exact date in mind but I suppose it will take me at least a week?

  2. I super need this! With my collection of polish, I realized I do not have this shade and when I plan to do nail art design using this shade? I have to mix colors! LOL


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