Saturday, March 03, 2012

Early March Collective Spy Cam - A Whole Lot of Bleh

 A different, and more open CVS display of new Revlon nail enamel featuring Olivia Wilde.
New brand at Walgreens - Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Cleanser, Deep Down Detox Mud Mask, Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer and (something) Me Clean Facial Wipe

Suave Lavender Vanilla, Ever Lasting Sunshine Lotion, Neutrogena Body Wrap and Daily Repair Lotion
Fast Absorbing Hand Cream and New Fragrance (great, I hated the smell of the old one) Hand Cream, Aveeno Body Wash and 24 HR Body Butter
 Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment
Softsot Coconut Warm Ginger, Lavender Chamomile and Clean Protection Hand Wash
 Studio 35 manicure pedicure tools and some flowery Tweezerman nail clipper
Studio 35 Brush and Go Set and Extra Large Applicator "with Expert Precision" (Yeah right, because we all have the exact same lid space...)
 Colorful Eyeshadow Applicator (Would people actually care? They look yawn-worthy either way...)
Kabuki Brush and Magnetic Eye Brush Set
 Tweezerman shear, and foot buffing stuff
More Revlon manicure tools and Pocket Power File from Kiss and Super Groom Shaver (?)

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