Monday, February 13, 2012

NYX Cheek Tint Stick Blush Swatches and New Makeup - Pic Heavy

After being tipped off by Erica @ I Bleed Pink on my NYX post, I went back to ULTA last Friday to not only find the blush she mentioned, but also a whole lot more from the brand. Let's start from the blushes: 
NYX Cheek Tint Stick Blush are semi-hard (they have texture like the discontinued Sephora cheek stain, a tad more powdery/less jelly compared to Tarte cheek stain and harder, more stain-like compared to the NYC blushable cream stick) blush stick with decent pigmentation. They don't go on too bold but each layer is thin and buildable. I swatched the 8 shades, some are shimmery and some in cream finish. Please take the swatch pictures with a grain of salt, as they are (the first is taken outdoor in the dark, with flash) not really color accurate.
Another picture of NYX Cheek Tint Stick Blush, taken indoor with artificial light. While they are not too creamy, they do stay on and don't budget once I give it a few minutes to dry.
Not really new, but ULTA finally stocked more interesting shades. I have been wanting the orange one called cinnamon for quite a while but after seeing it in person (looks too red/not golden enough for me),  it looks much less interesting.
Many tubes of Cream Eyeshadow, each retails for 5 dollars.
Roll-On shimmer loose eyeshadow, is that a taupe I am looking at?
Liquid crystal liner - or they could call it liquid liner with glitter. Sorry for the blur, I was in a hurry...
Plump it up lip gloss - The needle print makes it looks like it's going to hurt.
False eyelashes and different types of adhesive.

HD High Definition photogenic concealer

Lastly, three different types of blotting paper each with 100 sheets. Btw, Sorry for the somewhat excessive watermark but that's all I can do to deal with the increasing hot-linking (i.e b**** who steal my pictures and bandwidth) going on for the past few weeks.


  1. Hooray! I've been looking for swatches for these ever since spotting them online! I'm a fan of the NYC blush sticks so I'm really excited to try these but not enough to buy them full price!

  2. The NYC sticks rub off so easily! I like this is more a cheek stain :) YAY for swatches, thanks!

  3. I need to get me some of these cheek sticks! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. These look very interesting, thank you for swatches! I'm also quite interested in those green tea blotting sheets, I like the pistachio packaging :)

  5. I wore one the other the day and I actually really liked it. It has a pretty good staying power and I didn't have any issue of it rubbing off.

    I ordered mine online via and they were actually having a buy one get one 50% off sale. I also got some of their new matte lipsticks, which I LOVE LOVE!!

    PS - thanks for the shout-out, now I can tell my husband see my addiction is helping other people...ha ha ha

  6. Did you swatch Cinnamon? Lightly brushed it does come off more golden and less red than in the pan. That hibiscus tint stick looks promising~

  7. wow that a selection for Cheek tin sticks! I actually like all the colours :) I really like Tea Rose and Tulip!


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