Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cover Girl 50th Anniversary Powder Compact

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, CoverGirl released a set of three Powder Compacts,each with a different animal print. For each purchase, they would donate enough money to buy a week's worth of drinking water for a child in Africa,up to $50,000.( Whenever I see "up to", I always read it as "always less than".)

A little calculation: If a child drinks (the required) 64 ounces/half gallon of water (which I doubt)per day, he/she would need 3.5 gallons every week, multiply that by the unit price of water, which is $1.5/1000 Gallons, we get...

0.00525 dollars, a little over half a penny. Ok,I am being an ass to use the US standard on them but truthfully I don't think P&G's main intention is about philanthropy, I mean if they really mean to help out the kids in Africa, they could do the same thing as MAC Viva Glam or at least get rid of the ambiguity and tell us specifically how much they will shell out.


  1. I completely agree w/you. I hate when they advertise "up to" a certain amount. It makes me think they're going to cut it at a certain percentage (usually lower end).

  2. I agree, $50,000 is a measly amount! Cover Girl is a big company, they can afford a much bigger donation.

  3. i don't understand why they have queen latifah as the model for this and yet had no shades darker than beige in the compacts (that i've seen), she couldn't even wear them.

  4. Vonnie:
    It says on the poster that she is wearing Classic Tan so I guess there is (supposed to be) a shade for darker girls?

  5. that's SO cheap of them considering how many people buy their products!!


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