Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Anna Sui Super Mascara Glitter

According to Anna herself (in the Anna Sui Cosmetics 10-year anniversary book), glitter is her favorite special effect and also one of her brand's key ideas (alongside red, purple, vintage, butterfly and rose). I love some sparkle and the brand concepts Anna has so let's see how it works out in practice. Anna Sui Mascara Glitter is not a glittery mascara, it is (as named)a glittery that's meant to be layered on top of a mascara.
The plastic applicator (so I can wipe it clean after each application) of the mascara glitter looks pretty cool as it resembles a chicken wing (the fried chicken wing kind, not in an anatomical sense) while there is a spine-like pattern at the...spine? From the magazine I have seen, the spine is used for applying the glitter onto the lashes.
While the flab of the applicator is for the eyebrow (why would I want some glitter on my brows anyway?). Beside the somewhat strange idea of brow glitter, so far things are fine. The shade I get is 300, a pink that flashes gold and green. Like most glittery products from the more expensive lines, the Anna Sui mascara glitter has a sharp (as in not dull)finish and it doesn't sting my eyes if it somehow get in. The glitter is housed in a watery base...

Can you see the problem now?Before (I used a black mascara as a base as the glitters don't stick on their own) and after picture, you can click to see the glittery pieces.)

The watery base pretty much just dissolved my mascara, diluted the color, loosen up the curl and end up looking like little pieces of smudges under my eye and on my brow.

Conclusion: It's a flowery theory that fails miserable when put into practice. Still a pretty piece of thing to have if you are a fan of Anna Sui as you can use the product as an liquid eyeliner and use the flab to apply loose/dry glitter on your lashes.


  1. That's disappointing! You almost can't even see the glitter.

    If I want bling; I sometimes apply a bit of glitter liner to the tips of my lashes. A MAC lady told me that.

  2. booooo=[ wish it bedaazzled your lashes. i really like the mint maybelline green polish. i wll deff pick it up ! OH and i picked up jade is the new black! i thought it would bel ighter in real life.

  3. Pixie:
    I think that would work on people with very long/curled lashes...my lashes are pin straight so the glitter usually travel to my undereye area right away...
    Sharpie United:
    You will hate the formula...trust me. I kind of want to get Jade is the New Black but green polishes are very flattering on me most of the time and...I am lemming for more than 1 products from the MAC x Liberty line after seeing the swatches...

  4. Don't know if mascara glitter would be for me since my lashes are pretty short and sparse..it may irritate my eyes :p I enjoyed reading your entries.. :) I love the lip gloss one! :) Mind if I follow your blog? :)

  5. Actually the glitter doesn't really hurt when it travels into my eyes...consider I have tried quite a few products that sting my eyeball out when they get in...


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