Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shiseido za cosmetics

Sometime pop-ups are annoying but when I saw a pop-up ad for za, I couldn't help but search for more. (Their commercial, featuring Chinese runway model Emma Pei and Japanese magazine model Hasegawa Jun, is pretty catchy.)
Za is a sub-brand under Shiseido (like Maquillage, Majorlica Majorca, Integrate etc.) that's available in many parts of Asia, just not Japan. From the price range I have seen, it's more of a budget brand as each foundation refill cost around (less than) 10 US dollars and you can get cute case to house the foundation as a gift with purchase.
It's seems that za (you spell the letters out instead of calling it "Zah!" ) is quite famous for their foundation as I have heard some good reviews from PJ @ A Touch of Blusher as well as Yuki (If you can't read Chinese, it's OK as the review is about how she bough the refill just to get the GWP case, that so sounds like me.)

Oh, you can watch the catchy commercial over YouTube or at their home page.

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