Thursday, February 18, 2010

NYC Blushable Creme Stick and L'Oreal Primer

A little update on my older post since they weren't completely shelved last time.
As expected, these NYC cream blush stick are 3 dollars a piece.
L'Oreal Green, peachy and yellow primer from the Studio Secret line.


  1. Cool! tell us if you get one of these

  2. I would but I am probably not getting these myself , I am not a big fan of cream blush (they look weird on top of sun lotion I use) and I like prettier packaging. lol.

  3. The color of those primers look terrifying. o_O I mean, does green *really* cancel redness? Always thought yellow was more effective.

    P.S. - Love your blog. I enjoy how you bring the snark.

  4. It should work, theoretically speaking (if you just look at color wheel) but I personally don't think my skin is red enough to need it (Santa may have some use for it, though).

    I think yellow is to balance off purple (like bruise or undereye it's weird that since they call it under eye circle when it's obviously half a cirle?) no I have no clue why they need if for the whole face...

  5. OMG, im totally jelous, these look amazing. But their not available in the UK, so im totally gutted! Is anyone interested in a swap, it would be much appreciated?? x


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