Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revlon Apricot Fantasy Lipstick

A long while ago Revlon was on sale so I picked up a couple of their lipsticks...While I kind of like the Berry Haute, on the fence about Va Va Violet...I think I really hate this one.
Lesson's learned: Don't buy shimmery drugstore lipstick...This Super lustrous lipstick feels OK on the lips but for some reason, it just looks really drying.
Apricot fantasy, what a cute name!
It's a frosty apricot that looks decent enough with very strong lighting.In normal lighting, it just looks muddy with my purple skin. On the lips, Apricot fantasy is very frosty (a no-no for people with big mouth) and while the texture is easy enough to spread, it never distribute itself evenly and the "moisturizing formula"does look somewhat wet but feel very drying. I got the lipstick last year trying to figure out a way to make it look less like mud and more like peachy lipstick, as you can see, I gave up. With a bit of "peachy" lip gloss this doesn't look as hideous.


  1. I have a similar Apricot shade from L'oreal, too bad the shade doesn't work for me! It is a bit similar to this one, your lips look great in this shade!

  2. reply comment:
    im sure it wont look weird if you are chinese
    ref. zhang ziyi in house of flying daggers
    yeah if u go to any indian/hindu shop or person they should know where to get them
    lovely name btw ^_^

  3. Nikki:
    Oh, thanks...Shimmering nude can easily go wrong when the texture is not smooth enough...

    Simple Elegance:
    Actually the one on Zhang Ziyi is called "Hua tian" in Chinese and I personally think it's pretty different from Indian bindi since they are not 3-D and doesn't come with that many elaborate styles, like your fancy peacock. (And hua tian hasn't been worn by women publicly for a few thousands years already so I don't have the gut or the outfit to wear it with.)

  4. Ohhh, I love the color! I think that might work for me actually. I look all kinds of wrong in dark lipstick.

  5. Pixie:
    The color is alright but the finish is so freaking frosty...


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