Monday, January 18, 2010

New Shades Added to Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color

Three new shades: Grape Time, Denim Dash and Timely Turquoise are added to the Express Finish. I have had two bottles of these polishes from Maybelline and they dry within 50 seconds (why 50?) if and only if you use 1 thin layer on your manicure and you need at least 3 layers to get an okay coverage.
The purple is pretty but I guess I will have a grape time with China Glaze instead? Oh, I can't wait for the Up and Away collection and maybe I will get some Zoya as well!

Beside the nail color, I also saw the line up for a (not a big) collection of Shine Sensational Lip Gloss (this time you can see the shade name.)I reckon that several shades from this Shine Sensational line have very similar color and/or exact name as the ones from the old Shiny-licious line. Like peach sorbet and Berry Bella.I don't know if the drugstore brand realized that metal tips have the tendency to look extremly cheap the moment it's worn out...Anyway, I admit that I am a tad bit tempted by the shimmer in "Treat me Sweet" (jelly bean) but I probably won't get them unless I can find a deal to get those for under 2 dollars since I didn't like these that much from Muse's review.
Oh, there is a shot of the 24hr gel liner for 8 dollars (which mean it will cost more in drugstore), I am more of a fan of cake eyeliner (Oh, when I say cake eyeliner, I mean NARS eyeshadow and when you see" I will rather spend my money on highend brand", I mean "I will buy Anna Sui." Just so you know.)

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