Thursday, November 05, 2009

Currently Loving: File Destroyer

A few months ago, I entered a so called American digital goddess (a radio host)'s website. I was trying to download some suggested anti spy-ware software from the so called "goddess" (Americans, can you guys just be a little humble?) Anyway, it turns out that I have download a so called security system that does nothing but coming up with fake scans and telling you that my system is in danger and there is no way to remove the thread unless I pay 50 bucks and get the "complete set".
I was smart/reasonable enough to uninstall the program right away hence the fake scan and warning is stopped...A month later, a pop-up started to going allover my computer telling me that the "trial period" is over and I need to register the copy to "take full advantage of it"...Apparently there is a source code (or whatever you call it, I snored through all of my computer science classes) that stayed in program file even after the uninstalling...Well, I could tolerate some popped up so I just deal with it (and close that damn thing 5 times a day for 5 months)

Recently, I decided that the few seconds a day could be spent on something more constructive (like trash talking NYX or Maybelline over here) so I went to Baidu (the search engine that beat the crap out of google in China)and search for some file crashers...Well, long story short. All the annoying pop-ups are gone and there is no string attached!

Moral of the story: Count on your own people not some random goddess...

Beside the file crasher I am also loving
-Drinking green tea by liters
-Peachy (not coral) blush
-Nars Powder Products
-Nars Peachy Blush :)
-Bling out glitter eyeliner
-Being completely bare faced
-Sunny Day (only weather that my camera likes...)
-Purple eyeliner (still looking for the one)

What about you guys?


  1. Oh man I had one of those malewares installing itself onto my system before. I did a system restore and luckily that fixed the problem!

    When you find the perfect purple eyeliner.. please do share. I'm looking also D:

  2. what about nars habanera purple as an eyeliner? i bought it for that very purpose but have been too lazy to try...

  3. kim: yeah I the mean time I do have a lousy one from milani to blog about.

    Actually the plum from Habanera looks just like bruise on me as the texture is a bit thin (but it would look very good layered on top of a black liner since the glitter do show up) in another hand, the green has some amazing texture that stay on forever when I use it dry...(even after a shower) it's like a much better version of Stila aquamarine eyeliner pencil but I think not many people consider it an eyeliner shade.

  4. Bahahah... I thought "file destroyer" was some cool new makeup brand i didn't know about...
    I think my dad fell for the same fake scan thing!'s very annoying...
    There's a difference between peachy and coral? I will be checking out the Nars peachy blush then... Is the color just called "peachy"?
    Purple eyeliner...hmm, I like almay's liquid's purple amethyst...

  5. Daituf:
    I wanted to buy that last week when they had a sale (2.5 bucks off anything almay) in my grocery stores but those colored almay liner are all gone!

    Coral has some pink tinge in it and for some reasons they tend to look a bit too bright and off (if I go for very blue based pink it just looks neutral on me and neutral pink makes my face look like buttocks) but in the other hand there is a kind of very neutral apricot color that actually looks like a light flush on me...

    The Nars shade I am talking about is "Luster", and I have a drugstore one from Jane called blushing baby doll I am liking a lot as well...

  6. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have not forgotten about your Mermaid Manicure. I trimmed my nails rather short for my last post, (Konad Houndstooth, short so the whole pattern would fit,) and as a result I've been waiting a bit for them to reach my fingertips so I'd have room for my mermaid plans. They're at a decent length now so sorry for the delay. :)

  7. That's so annoying! I got something like that once.I tried doing a system restore, uninstalling it, it just wouldn't go away. Luckily my boyfriend fixed it for me, I didn't know what do anymore.

    I love purple liner too but I haven't found a good one. I recently gor one from Deborah, an Italian drugstore brand, aftering hearing all the raves about its staying power. But on me it disappears after 5 minutes and it's not pigmented either. What a waste of money!

  8. Asami:
    No need to hurry here...I think my nail(bed) are half of your trimmed length (added with my shaky hand) , I don't think I can handle and air design...I just though the idea of mermail nail would look pretty.

    Yeah, buying into the hype rarely worked for me as well...


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