Saturday, June 20, 2009

Origin Drink Up Mask

I have normal skin and the clean & clear moisturizer is more than enough to relieve the dryness that doesn't exist. So hello brain death moment and moisture that I have enough my own!

The stuff amazing about Origin Drink Up Mask is not the super long list of natural ingredient : rose water, rose oil, bitter orange, sweet orange oil, apricot kernel oil (shows up twice ?) , chamomile, camphor bark oil, bran, algae, bitter almond oil, black current...They look good enough to eat, right?

Ok, the long list might sound flashy and impressive but the scent is what got me, it's a nice fruity floral that reminds me of Kogasui Flower Kiss Candies (available in Japanese/Korean/maybe Chinese food mart) it smells amazing and almost too good to be natural, but maybe it is, as I couldn't find "parfum" on the list. Afterall, this stuff have a buttload of flowers and fruits.

The mask has a gel cream texture that's relatively light weight once it's on the face. Part of it gets absorbed a bit while another part remain on the surface of skin. I can feel some of the moisture remain on my face once I rinse the stuff off and it feels sort of nice.

But...I kind of also get this effect when I use a Clean & Clear moisturizer after shower. I guess you really need to have dry skin to appreciate this (I have seen people call this good for "Aging Fabulous" so I guess I will try it in a few decades?)


  1. Thanks for the review! I have this too but I haven't used it, I have oily-combo skin so I wasn't sure if it was suitable for me, was just about to give it away to my mom or something. But maybe I'll give it a try on my flaky skin days! :)

  2. Ooh, smells good! But my face isn't that dry so I don't think it'd work too well.


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