Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Posh Kabuki Brush

I have mentioned that I don't like drugstore brushes a while ago right. I did tried several brands with good reputation out there and they always disappoint. (Here is a short summary: Essences of Beauty brushes gets scratchy and the barrel becomes loose as I use them. Posh red handled has the lousiest handles that just crack when it's soaked in water for 10 minutes. Sonia Kashuk retractable brush has its base dropped off after 1 wash, and I tried to glue it back...of course it fell off again (and again and again). Their normal squiggly get scratch off easily and the white handled ones are yuck. NYX brushes feel very flimsy and has horrible quality control...Do I need to list more?)

But of course, there is always one exception. My Posh Metal barreled kabuki brush. (I've done a bad job taking the picture but the sun was burning me that day...gotta hurry up.)

I got this spring of 2007. I just happens to passed by the beauty session of a local grocery store and I saw those cute sample kabuki brush on display and when I ran my hand on's felt so smooth, soft and simply luxurious.

It was probably the best 10 bucks I ever spent on a brush.

What I love about the kabuki, is of course how big, smooth and fluffy it is. If the Stila #21 is a baby puppy and Sonia Kashuk is a nice sable coat...Posh would be your favoirte persian cat after a deep conditioning hair treatment (minus the shedding, of course.) I am guessing it's suppose use for applying powder and bronzer, but I just love running it across my face and arm when I have nothing better to do...

It's pretty good for powder as well as it picks up a generous amount of product yet have enough surface area to spread it so it won't give a cake -on finish. I suppose the dome shaped tip would also be ideal for apply bronzer to jawline and cheek bone if you want some presicion work done.

It also came with a sturdy pleather case so you have have all the fluffy goodness on the go. A lady in the store told me that she use it to dab a bit powder blush then take it out for touch of during the day...

Once I get a nice brush, I would like it to last me for quite a while, most drugstore brush with nice fluffy hair usually fail on this task. (they always end up breaking apart somehow.)but I have had this Posh Kabuki for 2 years already and after several monthly wash, it's still as soft as the first time I've touched it and it hasn't shed one bit.

This brush is nice, but it's not perfect. The coffin that came with it (the brush is placed into a plastic pouch with the coffin right next to it in when I purchased it) is actually a tad bit too small for the brush that the tip of the brush kind of got bent and started to poke my face after a while...Seriously, adding that few mini meter of height cost that much?

P.S. I got 5 of their brushes with red lacquered handle...They suck. (Or am I just so unlucky to always get the ones that are defective ...)


  1. I want a kabuki brush!
    But I'm really bad with buying 'staples' like brushes, mascara, foundation...I can pull off cheap mascara 'cause I have good lashes :), but I know nice brushes would help me out a lot. (Btw, <3 my MAC Fafi brush I got from a swap ^_^.)
    And still, instead of getting these, I always buy YET ANOTHER lovely eye or lip colour ^_^. I'm hopeless :-P.

  2. Btw, your entry to my giveaway just cracked me up!! xD I was wondering how come only 1 person picked that as their fave?! :P

  3. ooh I will check this out the next time I'm at a drugstore!

  4. Hi Cris:
    Same as you, I usually prefer to spend my money on those random lip gloss/blush/eye shadow over the so called "fundamental stuff"...

    My makeup still sucks (big time) yet I do have a bunch of nice brushes for eyes and cheeks since I believe I will get a hang of it "some day"

    As of foundation, I tried a lot and they all look horrible and cause some allergic reaction, so I gave them up alright.

    The same as mascara since I am too lazy to take extra steps to remove them...

    I think you posted way too much and only that one made a lasting impression. (I admit I visit blog just for a laugh...)



    I think you might need to be careful because drugstore have OK quality...but lack quality control so you might be unlucky to get a defective one...

  5. The brush sounds so soft! I just have my MAC 181, which doesn't seem perfect... Good thing about the Essence of Beauty brushes, I'm not excited to get them anymore.

  6. Wow, I just got to look at the Essense of Beauty brush a friend is using and i'm contemplating on asking someone from the US to help me purchase! thanks for letting me know about the brushes!!!


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