Monday, June 01, 2015

Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Gel and Total Intensity Eyeshadow

Prestige was being cleared out at Harmon (cue sad face...OK, not really. Their eyeshadow are so overpriced) so I grabbed a few items at 75% off. The Brow Perfect Revitalizing Clear Brow Gel is just...a clear brow gel. What I like about it is that while it does a perfect job taming and setting by somewhat hairy brow, it's slightly more watery so it goes on very thinly while looking natural/without the crunch. 
The brush is not too big, not to small and each dip grabs just the right amount of gel so I don't have to redip. Verdit : Backed up (it was $1.5, how could I not?)
Total Intensity Long Term Relationship Eyeshadow Single (which by the way depotted itself as I was talking the picture) is a pressed eyeshadow on the firm side (compared to Wet n Wild) that's still smooth and silky (compared to the firmer of Maybelline). 

The Color I grabbed (I held off late so the more neutral ones were gone) is Addition, is a duo-chrome purple (shifts between hot pink and eggplant) that's richly pigmented yet still retains some bit of transparency. I find it quite easy to wear and flattering just as a single color, applied closed to lash line and blended upward. It's a nice sultry (not tired and definitely not eye-infection) look that's not too heavy. Overall, the formula reminds me of the old small pressed pan from Milani (just the size of the pan and pigmentation I guess) but silkier.
I can never say no to eyeshadow crayon (especially cheap ones that are under 2 bucks) so I grabbed two of them sight unseen (judging only from the colored lid) and I had an oh-shit moment as soon as I opened it. "How am I supposed to sharpen this plastic thing?" (and " I wouldn't buy these if I know those are the colors I am actually getting")

Luckily, Prestige solved this problem for me right away. I will never need to sharpen it (colors and formula are hideous)! I am boring so I picked up Meteorite (grayish shimmery taupe that is really more cement gray as it blended out) and a pale shimmery pink called Sand Frost.

Meteorite, Sand Frost (the setting sun is making this look much more appealing that it is) and Addition (can you see the pink now? Maybe not.)

As I just mentioned, Meteorite is just muddy on my lids being too slate gray. The formula is so slippery and creamy that it fades and crease on me within an hour. As for Sand Frost, it's just a boring shimmery pink that applies patchy and looks...boring. I didn't pay attention to the wear time for this because I wore it sheer/wanted to fade anyway.

So... Two keepers and two duds. It's like buying them 50% off instead. Worthy of my long walk at the very least.


  1. They all sound very interesting to me! Those crayons would make a decent base for eyeshadows if not to be used alone. I've always liked Prestige liners. Total Intensity liners are still my favorites. The purple and the deep blue shades are so good. :)

    1. I liked their eyeliner as well, back in the days when it was being cleared out at my grocery store. Then the brand rolled back....with 10-dollar eyeshadow....Don't bother with the pencils, life is too short for layering subpar products(loreal eye crayon are so much better, they are le though).


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