Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Body Shop Lip Butter - Mango, Shea & Coconut

In anticipation of the long (well since Houston doesn't really have a winter so it would be long anywhere else...) and harsh winter up north. I allowed myself to grabbed a few more lip balms before I moved up, just so that I can have them lying around. My last lip purchase from The Body Shop was from 2006 and those potted lip gloss were alright (at least they smelled good) and it seems that my opinion of the brand is still unchanged after all these years.
The three lip butter come as a trio set (from TJ Maxx, so I didn't have to deal with the nauseating smell from the actual store) and there are Mango, Shea and Coconut. Aside from the scent and colors, they all seem to have the same consistency and wear. 

Mango smells like mango sorbet (20% real deal and 80% artificial. Which is an improvement from their lipgloss), coconut smells a bit overly sweet but doable and shea smells nutty and sweet.
After trying many lipsticks with "butter" as part of their names, these ones are actually the most realistic ones (not sure if it's a good thing though). They are soft, spreadable, creamy and feels light (and non-sticky) on the lips. At the same time, I also get a white cast as I would get from using real butter. It's feels decently moisturizing but it's still too thin to be soothing (against cold wind) and too slippery to be used overnight.

 So, most of the time I just slap it on when I am lounging around in my apartment. They weren't great but I could have some use for it (oh I like that it doesn't feel like oil+vaseline).  No repurchase (but it's not going to the bin either).

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