Friday, December 14, 2012

Smashbox Studio Pop Eyeliner & Waterproof Eyeliner Shadow Swatches

 Some swatches done while I was at ULTA - Smashbox Studio Pop Set (on the right) Limitless Eyeliner(on the left) - I actually think they are the same product, it's just the Studio Pop are shorter, have different name and are fresher (not dried out) and easier to use.
Studio Pop Sets (didn't bother to swatch the gloss since it was dark out and it's not worth it to get really sticky for some artificial light swatch)
 The Limitless Eyeliner pencil are creamy, rich in color and budgeproof once set (just like all the other liner out there). Each pencil comes with a build-in sharpener on the lid, which is really helpful.
The Waterproof Shadow Line is...just like all those jumbo eyeshadow pencils. It's slightly less long-lasting compared to the pencil liner as it's creamier. But overall on par with other brand's shadow/pencil offering.

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