Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deal of The Day Stila Fall Trend and Some Misleading Advertisement

Stila comes up with some (mini) gift sets again this time and on top of the set, you get a Gold smudge pot with a coupon code! (Well, apparently you still have to pay for shipping.)

The main reason of this post is not about the "good deal".It's about the promo pictures they used for these gift set. You guys all know that on advertorials/commercial, in order to get a better effect, cosmetic companies usually don't use the exact products that the specific commercial is about . Sometime, they would layer other products on top of their own to enhance the performance, while the other time they use completely different things (Like that L'Oreal mascara commercial in which Penelope Cruz is wearing false lashes). I personally don't see a problem with those since nowadays everything in print is fake anyway, it's more about the idea than the application.
Anyway, it starts to become amusing when it's get's too obvious as in this picture. Well, we can tell the purple eyeshadow and we can assume that the soft gold shade can be found in the palette...But the lip glaze in Praline (Stila lip glaze are very glossy/gooey and jelly-like as far as I am aware of)...You are trying to sell a lip gloss with a picture in which the model is wearing matte lipstick?

The lip swatch in this picture was already used...For their summer collection 24kt gold gloss...

Ok, I see the palette liner set from fall 2008 (which ended up on beauty crunch for 10 bucks) and a new smudge pot. But where is the green eyeshadow, which is like the prettiest part of the smokey stare?

No, I don't find the "false advertising" (I used "misleading" on the title to not sound to harsh on one of my favorite brands...But these are pretty obvious not created by the items from the set.) condemnable...But it's a bit amusing nonetheless.

P.S. there are videos that feature the All Doll'd up palette on Stila's website, you might find it helpful if you just got your palette and don't know how to work it.


  1. yea, it happens alot.. that's why i never beleive promo pictures and just buy things i see on blogs and reviews . Companies just recycle the same model pictures over and over even if it's really obvious or makes no sense

  2. I totally agree with anything! I hate how they have pictures that don't use the actual product, which is why I find those makeup breakdowns by bellasugar and temptalia so interesting! I bet that lipglaze doesn't even look pink...

  3. Most ads looks so fake that I think they just want the model's face next to the product... Probably has nothing to do with the model actually wearing the stuff...
    I especially hate mascara ads, the lashes look like they belong to aliens...

  4. Ushishi:
    I never notice that the big name brand recycle for stila, I guess they ran out of budget for the models...(But the Barbie palette is quite gorgeous though.)

    Praline is sort of an apricot gooey gloss.I don't visit that often because I can never keep up with her site (so i just give up altogether) ...Although her pictures are very clear. She probably got the best swatch pictures.

    It's must be pretty alien, the only time a human reminds me of alien is their eyes are way too huge or their chin is too that Chinese singer Angela Chang.


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