Monday, May 04, 2009

Spy Girl Busted

Yup, I was busted being a spy today and the story went something like this...
I was wandering around in a certain place (that's not Ross or Marshall but sell similar stuff) this afternoon. While I was around the beauty session, I noticed some Clarins items and there was a woman in her 30s or 40s (I can't tell) who opened at least 5 lipsticks and tried on all of them on her hand as if there was nothing wrong with it. I tried to give her a very discrete yet dirty look (see my profile picture for reference) but she still kept going deflowering the stock...

For a split second, I felt like snapping a picture of her and her crime and show it to my friends (or blog readers?) but I realized that it would be just as rude as what she is doing so I just waltzed away...

As I was drifting away from the inconsiderate lady, I spotted some interesting tools so I just took out the camera and snapped 2 pictures of the goodies with it (When I first opened the picture, the flash was on from the last setting. Oops! ) then I stuff the camera back.

Around 20 to 30 minutes later, I wandered back to the place where I took to pictures, a guy (who kind of looked like the head of choral department in our school, not that you need to know) came and asked/cornered me about the pictures I took. The guy was very polite and civil about their store policy and say that it's OK if I was just taking picture of stuff I want to buy for others ( I mean, who am I? A beauty blogger?) but it would be nicer if I let the manager know in the first place.

Of course, I apologized and told him I could erase the pictures if it's a problem for him. (He smiled and said it's alright "as long as I don't publicize it" )

I know it's my own fault that I got caught but what bothers me was that when the middle (or younger?) aged guy approached me, there was an Asian girl/lady/women/female behind him with a weird sneer, whom I remembered to be right next to me when I snapped the picture (like 20-30 minutes ago).

While I only took 2 pictures, from the tone of that guys, it sounds like he was told than "I was taking pictures for the past 30 minutes or so" by that girl/women. I don't remember what she looks like since some faces just don't register...(Bitch.)

Anyway, I learned my lesson and here is

Citrine's Guide For the Spies

1. Turn off your flash
2. Watch out for bitchy-looking females
3. Who should know that baby neon blue and washed-out ruffle frayed denim shirt do not look good together, not on people with a "earthy" skin tone. (Please just let me vent.)
4. Be discrete, act when you are alone
5.Or work with accomplice who can (literally) cover you up.
6. If your camera phone is good enough, pretend to text message when taking the pictures
7. Use high resolution so you can take the picture from a distance yet get a clear image
8. Don't wear something super trendy (or the polar opposite).
9. Low key is the key

Aspiring spy girls, be cautious and good luck!


  1. I love your tips. I always feel a bit embarrassed when I take pictures. I just don't want people to know. I've done it at Sephora before. XD but only us beauty bloggers understand how important it is to get those pictures for our readers! :D

  2. LOL! Your descriptions crack me up!! Bitch for sure.. how could she not know that baby neon blue and washed out ruffled shirt doesn't go with her earthy skin tone!!!

  3. smiley13tree:
    I have never spied at Sephora, I am just too chicken to do it when all the sales associate are watching me like hawks.


    I have way too many picures of Claudia (and some squirrels) that I have nowhere to post.



    I think her outfit was so overpowering that I don't even remember what she looks like.

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    This is funny! What an a-hole though. I think it would do my head in seeing someone open all the wrappers of some NEW make up. How irritating. And the security guard! So you took a picture? So what! (That's just me though - I turn into Eric Cartman when someone tries to tell me off).

  5. Hi Rowena:

    I would curse like a mofo...but the guy (He was wearing a suit pant and shirt, so I guess he is not really a security dude) sounds very nice and that bitch is kinda pushing him to actually "do something"

    But anyway, when I was lining up, I saw that bitch again so I just give her an I-don't-waste-my-time-or-energy-on-ugly-people-like-you-look...

    I think I think I nail the look pretty well...Well, I probably won't shop there anymore because I am a bit fed up with all the deflowered stock. (They corner people who took 2 pictures in 10-second, not people spend minuted deflowering new cosmetics...)


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