Saturday, May 23, 2020

Lipstick Queen Queen Bee Lip Treatment

Another budget TJmaxx find!
Lipstick Queen is probably one of the best lipstick makers of North America, with quality that tops many luxury brands. One of the Queen's specialties is that there are a lot of gimmicky shades and Queen Bee, a stick lip balm with Royal jelly and a strong gold sheen, is one of those gimmicks. 
It seems that Queen Bee is already discontinued so I couldn't find the ingredients. It has Royal jelly and chamomile and something else soothing. A major bonus of Queen Bee is that it has a shiny metal (not fingerprint magnet) instead of their gummy ones.
Queen Bee is clear yellow bronze base with truck load of golden shimmer. 
Another glamour shot - I wish they use this tubes for all of their lipsticks. 
For a lip balm, I was expecting a touch of warm sunny glow but this is actually very strong gold.
On the lips - Queen Bee is thin but very potent as a stick balm. I find it as soothing as Dior and Fresh Sugar lip Treatment. My only problem is it's too strong of a metallic yellow...Like full on 18 Bronzemen.
Everytime I see a strong yellow gold makeup, be it lipstick or eyeshadow, this scene pops into mind... It's from the movie King of Cookery.

With a layer of sheer red gloss by Dear Laura. Overall: Great lip balm although not that wearable (I am not surprised it's discontinued). If there is a entirely shimmer free version, I imagine it will be very popular. 


  1. LOL the 18 Bronzemen!!! That's why I didn't like my Queen Bee tube, yup, I didn't want to look like a luohan xD

    1. Lipstick Queen totally missed the honey train...There are so many honey themed lip products that are all over Japan and us. They other brands only do a subtle gold sheen or just have honey scent.


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