Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Integrate Pure Big Eyes #2 Flower Orange

Pure Big Eyes is probably my favorite eyeshadow from Integrate, as I show my love for makeup by hoarding and repurchasing . #2 Flower Orange is one of the two limited edition shades from the line (the other one has bright pink and sky blue as main shades).  I have a soft spot for orange and mint green as they remind me of sorbet and mint chocolate ice cream.
The main shades of #2 Flower Orange are juice tangerine and shimmery teal, the highlight is a pale pink with silver shimmer. The palette is completed with a deep brown liner and clear white glitter top coat. The whole palette has a thin, dry and powdery texture that adheres to the skin evenly without too much fallout.
As with all previous generation of Integrate palette, packaging is really flimsy but I don't mind it. 
All shade swatched. Like several of my warm palettes and a powder foundation from Integrate, it seems that there is a very short window to wear them (the other way to put it is that in NJ/NY it's either too damn cold or too damn hot). During the long winter, the colors look weirdly bright and it's doesn't sit well on dry lids. During summer, it doesn't stay on while I sweat buckets. 
This was taken on a summer day. I can tell from moisturized skin (that's all sweat and sebum) and the powder slowly being washed off by sweat.
See that clear patch on the crease...that's sweat. Anyway if you live in a milder area like west coast. You can actually enjoy a lot more products. 


  1. I think I found my holy grail BB's the new reformulated 2018 Chanel CC cream (BB or CC same thing to me). I was casually browsing the counters again and saw these. I've heard good things about it but never bothered to check it out as I'm not really into Chanel makeup- too expensive and shades aren't that great. Anyway I really like it, it has a fresh dewy, but not overly greasy texture. It kinda reminds me of those Korean BB creams that we all want. It feels like it's in between a cream and a gel texture. It has pretty good coverage, you get light natural coverage, it won't cover like a foundation but you get pretty decent light coverage. It has great SPF 50- I believe it's 15.2% zinc oxide (nano), 4% titanium dioxide (nano) and 6.8% octoxinate. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. But like always I can't find an exact shade match. I bought 40 beige but it's a bit too dark. 30 beige seemed too light and ashy...but since I like it so much I'm going back again to buy 30 to mix with 40. I only buy 2 shades to mix if I really like the product. I've never tried the IT CC cream as I don't live near sephora and it's so popular here in Australia that it seems to be always sold out. I've tried heaps of other BB creams and hated it: the MAC and Bobbi Brown BB creams irritated my skin because it contained way too many chemical sunscreens, Nars BB cream didn't have enough coverage (like it felt invisible)and couldn't find shade match and it cost $66, which is not far off Chanel $78. All the drugstore BB creams are crap; no coverage, no shades no nothing. I'm still waiting for the Lancome BB cream to come out here in Australia but for now I'm happy with the Chanel CC cream.

    1. I was so eager to hear about Chanel then...octinoxate.

      I am a big fan of it cosmetics cc cream (consider I used a darker shade for almost two years/i use use quarter of a pea size so it doesn't look unnatural)now they have new shades out (one between light and fair) I was so happy.


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